Excited for gears 5 looking to be in the game?

Hello my name is Ben some of you may not read this but for those that do Hi and I hope my story reaches you somehow. Let’s begin when gears of war judgement the first gears I ever played multiplayer on I dibble dabbled with it then I met one of my close friends we are like brothers. He got me back into gears with gears of war ultimate then gears of war 4. While many people quit gears and hate on it I love it sure it has its flaws and it can be a hard time to play sometimes but we all have hade great experiences before. I’m not going to sit here and feel sorry for my self because I have really bad anxiety and depression but gears has made me make friends and new connections. So you’re probably wondering why I’m writing this well I’m a up and coming actor I haven’t really been cast in any thing yet but I’m working on it. One of my goals is to be in gears of war 5 as a playable multiplayer character I think being part of a game that has helped me come out of my shell and be brave enough to make friends would be cool. It would also show people that a regular guy who has social anxiety and bad depression can do what he loves and be apart of something amazing! So if any one is reading this from the coalition you can reach me on here and maybe we can work something out or at least give me a chance to audition for a role in the game? Please don’t be to harsh on me this is my first post and I hope you guys have a wonderful day and new year! Thank you sincerely a Gears of war fan.

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I don’t want to be mean but if i have to be honest the best thing you can do in gears is voicing a character

I work with voice actors, professionally, and it’s a highly competitive field. The skills required are very much overlooked by the consumer. The Coalition isn’t searching online forums for prospective talents (let alone random people to add to their story). They go through professional avenues. Also, the bulk of voice work for Gears 5 is likely done already.

My heart goes out to you though and if you want gears to help you with your anxiety and depression, I highly recommend making friends on xbox live. I’ve met so many people like yourself who struggle in social situations or with depression and having friends to “hang out” with online is a great resource, We have people join out party, even if they’re not playing, just to laugh with us and not feel alone.

You’ll have to put in a little work out make friendships and maintain them but if you’re trying to come out of your shell, then it should be a worthwhile effort.
All the best to you.


I think there’s someone in this forum with the same goal. He makes topics after topics about Gears characters


Thanks for all the feedback my post has gotten I did not think it would get much traction. I’ll take all your guys advice and put it to good use thank you!