Excessive Quitting

Whenever I have some free time and play ranked, someone always quits. It’s seriously above 80% at this point. Last game, we were winning, but second round two of my teammates quit out of nowhere and cost us the whole game on King of the Hill. I gave up on Social because it is filled with bots. I didn’t like Free for All much. The only thing left is 2v2 Gnasher, but it gets repetitive eventually. There really is no point in playing pvp anymore, so I am going to take a break from this game.


Yea its good to take a break off the game. I use to play gears 3 multiplayer all the time, but Gears 5 just feels so different to me. Whenever I play its just horde and escape now.

Yea, wont be any better today either mate, today is literally the day 3/4 of the planet quit something :yum:

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2vs2 won’t be much better from my experience, people quitting or just AFK at spawn is pretty common.

The state of gears 5

Personally idc as long as i dont gget that negative point b.s … I mean true skill match makin clearly aint workin cause the games always one sided or complete sweat match the best player on there team has 4 caps…

There are some reasons encourage Leaving on this game

1.- 1 USD 1 month, 3 months “deals”. People is abusing of this feature on XBOX. Gears 5 feels a “Free to play” game and this is exactly what happen on F2P titles “Nobody take them serious”.

“Why you take Gears multiplayer serious if you got that for 1 dolar instead of 70 bucks”’ "Humans NEVER value what they got free"

2.- Having 1 account with Ultimate game pass on ur console/pc allow you have like 10 sub profiles with access all online + multiplayer features.

So how you FIX this?

Not more deals of 1 USD “Ultimate game pass”. Unless is black friday, X mas etc. Then that will only work for 30 days not stacking with gold or other promotions. Not more 1 USD “Free trials” pay the 10 Bucks if you want have acess to that

You can only share the ultimate game pass with a friend. Not more than 2 people. So all the other dummy profiles will not have online features

Your “Gears” Leaver penalties should be via hardware and not via profile. To avoid people just swap profiles. Then make a stricker throwing penalty if you dont peform at least at 70% of your performance u will have a Leaver penalty.

Doing this all the “afk-trolls” will be on bronze-one 99% and cronic leavers will found theirselves banned on less than 30 days

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I’m getting upset on horde😢starting to play on elite,and gamers leaving,probaly to do with the TOD 2,once got em,they simply leave,twice to day it has happened as I tryed to get in other custom games,but had the dreaded no more room for my squad/no longer available.

I honestly thought this Gears will be the most popular due to how accessible it is with the day one game pass thing. I was reading other threads, and it seems the playerbase is really low.

The only reason it “dethroned” fortnite was for that exact reason you could get the 5th instalment of one of the greatest gaming franchise for £1-£2 so a ■■■■ ton of ppl jumped on the bandwagon even ppl who had never played gears now the novelty has worn off games left in a ■■■■ state with hardly any players. I don’t bother with ranked until they fix it properly and social your lucky to get a full looby at all unless you play arcade but that is total ■■■ IMO. And like our friend stated up top this is kinda a free to play game so no wonder ppl don’t take it serious.

Hardly any players because they are most likely suspended from quittin so much this is a pointless thread as it already has penalty in place … Keep quittin youll find out to no warning