Excellent match making... bravo... awesome job, great show

I’ll just leave this here…


Ouch…thats all im going to say…

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Last day im sufer this.
Play in squad 1 guy without rank, i have silver 2 in guardian. TEAM VS have 1 diamond and 4onyx 3


If it’s not lag it’s poor team assembly. Can this games system do anything properly?

The two players that quit, can’t really see if they were Onyx or Diamonds though.
If Gold or below then yes, poor team assembly.

At least you can find a game, the matchmaking flat-out refuses to even match me in quickplay.

This really is totally unacceptable. I was gonna buy this game (game pass) but I can’t believe the degree to which the matchmaking is broken. I used to love Gears, what the hell have TC been doing?

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And then when you lose - the game always gives you a nice big % hit on top :joy::joy::joy:

What an absolute joke this game is. Sad to say I’m glad I didn’t buy it. What a waste of some amazing visuals and gameplay.

Yet another Microsoft game absolutely ruined by the matchmaking system.

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I’m gonna go on a limb and say probably not onyx or diamond…

Stacked team, they have to match with someone so… you got the lucky draw!

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Feel like gears mm should do stacks v stacks instead of 5-man vs 3 solo 2-man

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For quick play at least can we get dropped into a bot match and then fill that up if the wait is over 2 mins or something? Just so we can play while we wait?

Microsoft made a big deal with Xbox One about being able to search for a match while playing. Why can’t we do that? Saints Row 1 had a play-while-searching system and that was like a decade ago. Why can’t TC handle that?

Seems like a no brainier to me especially with people complaining about wait times, and could be considered a glaring omission given the platform and current year.

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maybe there are not many players in gears and that’s why they match you with players of very high level.

I think he was just replying in regard to the Diamond stack I was put against, not your wait time topic.

I agree that you should be able to play social while waiting for ranked… and get yanked out when the lobby is ready.

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Aha i tried to play some core KOTH to get the rank and on the 5 matches, 3 were against them, 't wasn’t really fun. Haven’t played versus since then.

I meant when searching for anything, even a bot only match is preferable to just doing nothing.

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I’m laughing and crying at the same time.

Another interesting matchup