Excellent Gears 5 Awesome Sauce - no bugs here

Another little clip for awesome latency!


Everything is better in slow motion.

I like the new frag proof armor. No bugs to see here.

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Nothing wrong with the last nade.


I thought shocks were supposed to down the enemies, not just put on a light show that they can casually stroll around in.

Oh you thought those were shocks?
Nah man that’s the new disco frags… they light up the KOTH ring.


Yeah, you’re right, my bad.

No worries, for all I knew you were right and they changed something lol.

What I’ve noticed with shocks is if it hits center cover and detonates, like in the clip for example, it’s nullified (even though the shock ring is clearly visible in most cases, sometimes it’s not though)

I thought you were complaining about Kait killing you but for me she killed you before the detonation.
But yeah, we can clearly see the COG walking in the shock after, without even noticing it…
Oh wait… we can see a flash coming just after you throw your shock, didn’t the COG flash made the shock explode and then be considered as friendly fire ? Just some supposition…

I’m not saying that can’t be the case but if it is then I feel it’s a dumb mechanic. Imagine tossing a frag in as your teammates all rush but someone throws a smoke/flashbang that goes off before the frag (thereby ‘triggering’ it and turning it friendly to the enemy) and your whole team blows up.

I’d be way more annoyed than I was at this shock thing lol.


I’ve had the case many times in gears 4, frag thrown at the same time as an enemy 's smoke, their smoke exploded the frag and made it theirs, killing my team mates.
And i’m not speaking about planted grenades.

I agree, this is odd.

Dang, I guess I’ve never noticed that. (other than planted stuff)

You played with Master Chief? Wow. I thought he wasn’t born yet?

You missed.

97% in 1 hit. Gotta love this trash game.

Ah, the classic 97%. It’s becoming a meme at this point.

It certainly seems like “he who shoots second, wins” in this game


Honestly I don’t understand why they carried over the damage percentages from Gears 4. It’s more frustrating than helpful. All it leads to is more people calling bs.

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That 2nd clip, with the 97% point blank is my entire experience with this game.

People just dont die. I shoot point blank and get 90 something percent or it doesnt even register at all. Its infuriating


I hear that!

I wasn’t going to put that clip into this at first because it’s not a ‘bug’ I mean, I’m sure if someone alayzed it carefully they’d see I missed a pellet or whatever. But then I decided to include it because I miss 1 pellet a little too often, (which may be a registry problem)

So that’s what this clip represents.

Was feeling nostalgic…

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I do think this game has a hit detction problem that is made worse bad connections (servers and netcode on TC’s side).

On the game where i couldnt kill anyone and shots werent registering i noticed i had that little connection symbol show up constantly. My internet is great, i had no troubles in 4 or any other game for that matter. Just more evidence that TC servers are ■■■■.

I just had a game where that little symbol didnt show up at all. And you know what? I did really well. My guy did everything i asked no questions asked.

But as soon as that symbol shows up im screwed. Sponging everywhere, shots not registering, damage not registering properly (17% point blank one time) only a few pellets from the gnasher hit despite foe being dead center of shot, etc, etc.

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