Example of broken footstep audio

  1. Where tf was he?
  2. Why could I not hear him at all except for a subtle grunt?

I’ve seen some people defend the game for not having issues with footstep audio, so I’d like those people to chime in here. I’m not an audiophile by any means, so maybe someone else can explain why this happens.


I’d love to know what the pings were like because it’s almost as if he ran through the wall. While this game has some issues with footsteps I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the issue there was the overall lag issue.

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His ping was between 60-70 the whole game I’m pretty sure. I wish I didn’t turn my camera backward so I could have seen him come around the corner in complete silence lol

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I have noticed, in horde at least, that if there are too many sounds playing at once the game will cut out sounds it deems unnecessary, so in this case the game must of thought there where too many sounds and cut out his footstep sounds.

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Footstep audio is definitely broken in this game.

The amount of times someone rushes you and you just get gibbed without hearing a single thing.

No breathing. No armour clatter. No footsteps.

So annoying.


I work in professional audio and there is often, in something like this, a polyphonic limit to how many sounds can play at once. I don’t know if Xbox limits it like the older systems do, or if it’s a ram thing or what not, but I’ve a keen ear and I’ve noticed it in Gears 4.

The footstep thing doesn’t happen to me often but when it does happen it’s pretty obvious. Another that bugs me is characters speaking after they die. Distracts the hell out of me and has got me killed numerous times as I’ve turned to combat the disembodied voice.

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Yeah that’s so annoying. Happens really often too

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I don’t understand why it always seems like people who come from directly behind me make no sound at all

I don’t 'think the video is playing properly. It might be something on my end though. Regardless, I understand what you mean from my first hand experience the footstep audio needs to be fixed along with the grenade audio. I don’t understand why they messed up this game so badly when they have an amazing template to use from Gears 3

I agree, it’s entirely misleading. Gears of War 3 was perfect, you could almost never be surprised.


The main reason for broken footstep audio is lag. If the connection is in your favour then I’ve found foot steps to be slightly better. (Sometimes). Grenade audio is bad too. Often hear the beeps after the grenade has exploded.

What I do find is that you tend to hear the enemy character making vocal sounds, although I’m not sure if the person who is the enemy knows that their character is screaming out things when they are hiding somewhere trying to be sneaky.

As Somone perviously mentioned, I do feel the game can’t handle lots of multiple sounds well and will cut random sounds out… I’ve fired silent guns before and it wasn’t a constant thing, just happened here and there in a match.

Again as the last poster mentioned, the audio in gears 3 was perfect, you could tell where multiple enemies were just from listening… Infact I can’t really think of another shooter that has audio this bad. The funny thing is I often play this game with no sound at all and there is very little difference in my performance.

Totally agree.
I’m still playing a lot of KOTH on 3 and it is lightyears better than 4. I use the ltd Gears 4 Hyper headset and i hardly ever hear foot audio, it is so frustrating.
Hopefully 5 will get it right. It is a massive misstep ( sorry :wink: ) by TC not to sort this.

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I played it non-stop from the start until Gears 4, only reason I haven’t is I’m a bit of a completionist so there’s things to do in 4.

I miss it though, it’s far more enjoyable in general and feels a lot better quality, if that makes sense. Gears 3 Hammerburst and Boltok. Good times :joy:

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this frustrates me, it’s where I don’t even register audio anymore I rely more on knowing how long it takes players to get from point a-b and keep checking my flank. and keep a visual of enemies in my head the whole match.

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It’s true. FOOTSTEP AUDIO IN GEARS OF WAR 4 is TERRIBLE, BROKEN, NONEXISTENT, PAINFUL, GLITCHY, STUPID, and INAUDIBLE. How many times we got to say it before Nimrod Fergussen puts down his foot, grabs his thrash balls, and forces his team to fix it!?!?!?

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The audio is still crap for real. But x1 x version is better u can really tell it.
Gears 3 7 years ago the footstep sounds were PERFECT even tho i was using cheap headsets

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this issues is a JOKE! everytime it happens i just think in my head “three hundred pound monsters…have the same footsteps as a newborn kitten”

like really wtf wheres the commen sense? gears UE felt right because the characters felt heavy but not too light…

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There has been plenty of times I’ve been playing horde and say we setup in one of the spawn areas and sound would be coming from behind us when the action is way up off to the right or left side.