Evolution of the Fenix Family (Part 1)

Ok so, first off. Sorry I haven’t been making A lot of Gears Forums this year, but I have (not) been pretty busy in the past. And as you can see in the title this is Part 1 of this new forum, I’m doing this in Parts because I’m a lazy Idiot. But look, I’m just your average Gears Person, just wanting to get sometime of my (not busy) schedule, and play my beloved Gears of War 2 campaign! (or versus, which ever I prefer.)

But with that aside, let’s get into Part 1 of the Evolution of the Fenix Family!

Ok, so let’s start with Adam Fenix. Yes, I know there are other Fenix’s that I could start of with like Roland Fenix, (Adams Grandfather?) but I’m just gonna say this, and you can curse at me later but, Adam Fenix Started it all! (Oh Brother :expressionless:.) So Adam Fenix’s wife is Elain Fenix, and as we all know, he’s the father of Marcus Fenix.

But we’ll get to him in the next Part (Part 2).

He fought in the Pendulum wars and fought in the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry in Kashkur, along side of Lt. Helena Stroud. (The Mother of Anya Stroud)

He was promoted to major after the battle of Shavad. But instead accepted an offer for a post at the Defense Research Facility, a place to make Cog weapons. (I think, I’m not taking the whole wiki and pasting it on here Guys.) He eventually created a Cog Version of the Hammer of Dawn.

When the Locust War began Adam made a deal with Queen Myrrah to find a way for them to stay on the surface of Sera. (I think that’s what Adam was talking about in Gears 3.)

After Adam tried using the Hammer of Dawn to Kill the locust failed, he continued to find a way to end the War, but then was assumed of death, but he was really kidnapped by the Chairman. (Chairman Prescott)

And I just got to add this in, (but I really don’t)
Marcus When he finds out Prescott Kidnapped his father: Fcking Prescott GodDmn him!

He was held prisoner on Azura, but later manage to make Contact with Marcus during the Lambent Pandemic.

But before Adam made contact with Marcus he injected himself with Imulsion.
And when Marcus and him reunite he Gets killed in the process of his machine that would remove Lambent and Locust from Sera.

So that was Part 1 of the Evolution of the Fenix Family, next we will be doing Research on Marcus Fenix, which might take 2 Parts to finish. But without further ado, I hope you like this new Forum and I’ll see your comments in the next one! Cya!


that was a sad part man , that his father injected himself with Imulsion, I really hoped that he would have survived to be honest.

Its like Jack’s Death on Gears 5 it was something that I didn’t expect to be honest.

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Exactly! I also wished he survived

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He died for our sins



@WolfyGamingX yes man unfortunately he died I didn’t like the developers deicision on that.

@Thee_Bluejay My wish its that baird could bring him back in Gears of War 6

That would be Awesome!


Didn’t he keep Myrah and the Loscust a secret for like 20 years? He went searching for his wife found her dead in a locust hollow and met the queen or something? Then proceeded to never even tell Marcus that his mom was found dead. Just missing, I think that’s why he was kidnapped to Azura. Azura was Adams “prison” for not speaking up about the deal he made to the locust or even warning that they exist. Finally, Prescott found out and had him taken to azura to find a way to rid everyone of locust. His punishment, no contact with Marcus. During those next years he learned about imulsion. But he needed test subjects. Prescott would send him people from the Slab to use as guinea pigs. Adam refused slowly injecting himself with imulsion then cures that did not work. Finally he found the cure but by then it was to late he had injected too much into himself to survive the killing of it.

I could be interpreting this all wrong though.

I don’t know, but I know all about the other stuff you talked about.

Just wanted to add just in case some haven’t the read books. The first part was something I didn’t know. I was surprised that Adam was 26th RTI, should’ve guessed.

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I actually never knew that, either. I just got some of the lore from wiki