Evolution of the 3d models of the characters and their designs

How well do you think TC has replicated and adapted the designs of our characters from past installments? And if it has undergone a total redesign, do you think this has been for better or for worse? Do you prefer consistency in the designs, aesthetics of the designs or fidelity to the original designs?

Credits to jmelia123 for some of the comparative images

I made these


not a fan of v-day Marcus. its just UE Marcus copy and pasted onto his face

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most of the skins imo are upgrades, especially Kim and gears 1 baird. those two looked awful on the old epic games.

those two personally are my favorite among the TC updated models.

the female characters as well look solid, Anya is personally my favorite update among the female cast, Sam looks good in 5 but UE and 3 is where its at.

Doms TC look is pretty good but epic games has the superior Dom face, for classic Dom that is.

Both RAAMs are good, both are equally intimidating but theres something about old RAAM that still scares me.

All in all, good job TC. I think most of their updated designs are spot on.


I just wished they gave older legacy characters a pistol holster. Other than that I like the updated model designs.

A lot of these needed upgrades, and I do prefer the gears 5 models over a lot of older ones, but some, like:

“gears 3 Marcus/Valera/recruit Carmine/barrick/ Bernie/kantus/dom/ grenadier/onyx guard”

are better IMO than the gears 5 variant. I appreciate the higher resolution and textures, but TC took A LOT of liberties with their redesigns and it changed the character just for the sake of them trying to put their own stamp on the skins. Barrick doesn’t have as long of a beard and his arms are super skinny compared to his OG look, Marcus’s face is… off. Valera’s face is off. Recruit Carmine had better looking/shaped armor. Bernie looked better in 3. Kantus got the extended tongue for no reason at all. Grenadier had a better looking right shoulder that didn’t look dislocated. And so on.

Idk, I’m just torn… cause on one hand, they look better than ever, but the artists didn’t do an exact 1:1 conversion and decided to make different looks for the sake of…. Idk.

Also…. Farmer dom isn’t here, but go look at him in the gears 3 campaign and look at his gears 5 model. His beard, arms and tattoo just don’t match what he should look like. It’s like they took big rig dizzy, slapped a weird bearded dom’s head on the model and redid his Maria tat, but badly.

Anyway…. I’m sounding too negative. Imma shut up now.

Any skin is an upgrade due to the fact that we have them updated for a new console.

TC specializes in redesigning characters and graphics imo.

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Well yeah… it’s their game lmao.

And for some of your character issues I can see them, Barricks face is fine for me but his arms did get a nerf.

Marcus looks fine, a bit on the younger side but he always did look like he was 65 in gears 1-2.

Valera looked like a doll in gears 3, her upgrade was necessary.

Recruit Clay has never looked better. They even got the color right for the armor.

Bernie looks virtually the same for me. Just some color in her skin.
I never noticed Grenadier until this picture lol, and I play as him all the time.

Farmer dom came first, big rig Dizzy is a reskin of farmer Dom.


I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I was comparing the look of gears 5 farmer dom to gears 3’s look. Also, It doesn’t matter who came first in this instance because what I’m referring to is the gears 5 farmer dom model (I get it… farmer dom appeared in the GOW3 campaign and big rig dizzy appeared as DLC in the horde command pack. I get that you’re saying farmer dom was first in that regard, but that wasn’t what I was saying in my other comment).

Check out the multiplayer big rig dizzy model from GOW3 or GOW4. Okay, now the gears 5 farmer dom model. You can clearly tell that TC used the big rig model as the base model from gears 4, then they made their changes so that it’d be farmer dom. The arm size, the neck size. The body/overalls. All they did was swap out dizzy’s head with dom’s, then added the other dom features. Even the gears 5 beard on dom is weird. If you compare it to the zombie dom model, you’ll notice it’s a different beard (and I mentioned zombie dom because that was the standard look of gears 3 dom that was also used on gow3 farmer dom).

That’s what I’m saying…. they most likely used the big rig gears 4 model as the base model for gears 5’s farmer dom since there never was a multiplayer farmer dom before this point. They didn’t pull the gow3 farmer model, so it’s irrelevant that farmer dom came first in order of appearance. TC used big rig dizzy as a base and it REALLY shows.

There’s A LOT of small but noticeable changes if you look for them. That’s cool if you don’t have issue with them, but that’s not what I was saying…. I was just giving my opinion on the changes. The OP asked how well did Tc replicate and adapt the changes, and i pointed out what I noticed and didn’t fully like. Im not on the “TC ruined gears” train with my comments, im just pointing out what changed that may/may not have been necessary. I know not everything can be an exact 1:1 recreation, but TC have taken liberties with their new models and it’s noticeable.

I really enjoy a lot of what they’ve created…. There’s some wonderfully looking stuff that I think is great, like when they decided to create skins like a hollow storm Clayton, or when they took Clayton’s basic look and made a whole new skin out of it with hivebuster Clayton… his iconic “grub killer” writing on the chest or his helmet with the small piece of metal flair that juts out the back part of the bottom of his helmet… they took what is part of clay’s OG look and incorporated it in the newly designed skins. That kind of stuff I think is great. Its amazing attention to detail. THAT is how you put your own stamp on skins. What I don’t necessarily agree with is when TC recreates a skin and changes established looking features just because they wanted to. Taking liberties with established features is what gets me. As an artist, it’s the small details that go a long way with me. Also, It doesn’t matter if Baird’s original gow1 armor looked more turquoise than blue, it’s how it was designed to look. It looked that way while Epic kept releasing him as a multiplayer skin up to gow3, until they gave him his sleeveless armor look. Even his hair was much blonder until TC started making gears games. The point is that it doesn’t matter if it was liked better then or better now that TC took over…. the point is TC decided to change those small but important details, ignoring how Baird looked thru gow1-3. When they ignore an established look just for the sake of “the artist wanted a different look”, it tramples on everything that came before.

I may like some of TC’s changes for the better, but I don’t appreciate how they take it upon themselves to do away with an established look. If they’re willing to change small things, whos to say they won’t ruin the look of something big at some point, just because.

Anyway, this turned out to be a looong response. Whoops.


I didnt take you for that, you gave a good response and even if that was your intention, that’s your opinion :slight_smile:

Personally I was never a fan of the turquoise color armor. I’m glad that they changed it to a more COG appropriate blue. I do however dont like that Marcus, Dom, Cole, and Baird all use their UE armor. I wish Baird used the Anthony and Benjamin color of armor.

His hair in UE is like dirty blond now.

I feel that way with the tactics Onyx Guard, the armor looks way too transformer if you get what I mean.

I like discussions dont worry :sunglasses:

Edit: I was wondering why farmer Dom has a thinner beard when zombie and gears 3 dom was way thicker. Scarred JD has a bigger beard than farmer Dom and that’s a no no.

Ah yes, I remember when the glorious Queen Myrrah had her beautiful, original face.

Bernie could have used some fur physics from the Winter armored Kait/Del/Marcus as canonically, her armor uses cat pelts for insulation. I don’t think in her last 3 games it really comes across as fur except in maybe the Gears 3 Character Select thumbnail.

Maybe I’m just nit-picking. Also her pauldrons now look like they’re just sitting on her shoulders without any strap or anything. Now there’s some depth to those dimples but should we take them to be pinched to her deltoids? Hmm.

Tough old boomer lady, indeed!

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Sam still looks gorgeous in Gears 3. However, I am still very fond of her Gears 5 V-Day model. A huge improvement over her Gears 4 V-Day model that’s for sure. Anya looks good too in Gears 5 compared to Gears 3 and 4. UE Baird is absolutely better than OG Baird.


Benjamin (and I think Anthony) not having their leather pouch on their right leg, Jungle Tai having a goatee instead of just a little patch underneath his chin, v-day marcus having UE facial features and slightly nerfed armor, Barrick not having his cigar etc.

Thank god they fixed Baird’s face.

They changed their armor to make them more distinguishable.

Anthony has the leather pouch while Ben doesnt.

Benjamin has a leather ammo clip holder on both his left and right arm while Anthony only has one on his left.

well, technically epic started with the character redesigns in gears 3, I mean, they really think it’s possible for a human face to change this way in 18 months without surgeries (because after Jacinto, I doubt they had the resources, availability, need or desire to have a cosmetic surgery like this), if so, how is it done? I urgently need to know, I occupy one of those

As for farmer dom, gears 3 dom also underwent a redesign comparing it to gears 2 dom, maybe it is not so noticeable since one may think that the beard makes it look so different, but there are some details like the eyes that are they look slightly different

on the other side, farmer dom from gears 5 wears the same face from UE dom with a couple of extra details like the beard, but maybe that’s mainly why he doesn’t look as much as Gears 3 dom, I also think the Neutral expression that he has on the menu influences a bit, as I see him very happy, and well, coming from a gears 3 where at least 80% of the time on camera he was frowning, because if the change is very noticeable

I suppose that in gears 4 they allowed themselves to port the dom model of gears 3, adding the zombie details to their model, and in gears 5 they decided to remake it, in my mind 2 options are shuffled about why:

1- they wanted to be consistent with UE dom’s design, so they used their model and added the beard, making it look different

2- They realized that at this point in the game port a 360 model would look a bit bad comparing it with the rest, if we compare how gears 4 looked graphically in the beginning and gears 5 during the exit of farmer dom the difference is note, and as far as there is a good difference between the number of polygons used by the gears 3 models (I think it was about 3500) and the number of polygons used by the gears 5 characters (I think they are between 20 000/40 000) and then they tried to redo it and they got that

In fact, that’s why I put the part of “they prefer coherence or fidelity to the original design”, because in reality the gears 5 farmer dom is not so bad, we could say that it is a coherent design if we compare it with UE dom, since technically this is how You must see since they have the same face, but personally I am on the side where I prefer fidelity to gears 3 dom instead of a coherent design, it was a quite iconic design for the character and I think it deserves to be adapted as much as possible. faithful as possible, perhaps similar to what they did with kilo baird, recruit clayton, hollow storm tai, omega marcus and omega dom, whose models and designs were impeccably adapted, partly that’s why I’m happy there isn’t a v-day dom still

So, I don’t think that Dom is so bad, I just hope they can make it a better adaptation in the future, I’m not saying it’s easy or that they do it magically, but looking at the other excellent adaptations they have made I know they can do it in the future

sorry for the immense amount of text that sometimes I put, the ideas do not sound so long in my head


She was still kinda ugly, honestly. Maybe it’s the expression on her face. Looks like she’s looking down with her head tilted up. Too much white eye.

Holy â– â– â– â– , Gears 3 Baird is ugly, lmao.

Huh…and all this time I thought you were a man of taste!

An honorable mention I think it could be commando dom, remember this guy? At the time it came out, I couldn’t know how it was received (because at that time I wasn’t very connected with the community, I only played gears on the premises when leaving school) but I don’t think I’m the only one who realized that it was very different from gears 3

Regarding what I said about consistency and fidelity, the redesign in gears 4 is fine, I mean, it is consistent with what dom should be, even though researching and comparing I realized that the face of commando dom in gears 3 is very different to the normal face of dom, even the old face or the face with a beard, literally, if they sold him to me like, I don’t know, the commando watermelon, I thought he was a different character because really his face is very different

In my opinion, I really would like that, at least for this skin, from classic commando dom, they made their face like in gears 3, it is a very unique and very cool face, I am not saying that they change the face of hivebuster dom (which is It looks a lot like classic commando dom), only that dom design, which was also made with that face in EU, I doubt that the fans will bother us, we are not so demanding with coherence, I think we care more that it looks like I did it in the original game to be consistent with the face of Classic Dom

To all this, the face of omega dom is not the most consistent with that of classic dom so I think consistency is not one of our biggest concerns