Everywhere I go

It’s the same complaints.

It’s not as good.

Why isn’t it like the last game?

Every single game I play and visit the forum I read the same exact complaints for every single game.

Been gamimg for over 20 years and not once been on a forum where there aren’t a few unhappy people that want to rip a game apart because it’s not like another game they’ve played before.

People were calling GOW 1 crap when it came out.

Yes… though we all loved it there were those that came to the forum complaining that it sucked.

Why do they do this?

If you don’t like a game… go play something else.

Sadly this will never stop. Every forum, for every game as long as games are made will have people coming to the forums to say that it sucks.

You know who you are.


Thats how the world progresses… People have issues with things, they point it out and change it. Find solutions.
No matter what it is, theres always things to improve…

It’s a forum. People are allowed to voice their opinions here. If you don’t like it, simply don’t come on the forums then. Also, exactly what you said, if they don’t like it, then don’t play it.


Didn’t realize clown school was out for the day. You hav a serious case of selective reading. Gears 5 suffers. MP is horrendous the lack of characters to play is enough to make anyone rage. If they release characters for a few dollars that would insta kill the game for many. Dom didn’t die for this

It’s the fear of change some people suffer from coupled with the usual internet negativity. I suspect it is also an outlet for people who are just not happy in their lives.

What does a game have to do with people & their life ? :joy::joy: this game has a lot of issues & of course people are going to give their opinions :hugs:

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Yeah? This is like saying you’re going into a doctors office and all you see is sick people.

The fact is that most people who feel compelled to give feedback only do so when it’s something negative.

There are a few positive posts but most people who are liking the game are just liking/playing the game. Not going onto a forum


Play another game that guy .

If it’s bad… then don’t play it. What’s the problem?

Nobody is forcing you to play games that you don’t like.

Play another game, or go back to clown school.

I actually come here to discuss ideas… I love the game tbh. I come and give positive feedback. Not whine like a little girl like some people on here. I personally enjoy discussing topics with passionate fans like me and thinking for ways to better the game. When I say better the game I don’t mean “make it my way or I want a refund” I mean coming up with ways to make the game more accessible and help it shine the way the devs intend to.

I definitely see a lot of negativity and it makes me sad sometimes. People don’t give constructive feedback or try to help the problem. They just cry and whine that it’s not their way.

The game is for everyone. You can’t make a game and please everybody it’s impossible. The things you want others might not want. Stop blaming TC. It’s not their fault.

Paying 60-80 bucks for a triple a game and having TC lie their faces off in saying gears 5 has more unlockables then 3 is a ■■■■■■■ joke where is Baird or Cole? What is this crap?

For a start nobody was calling GOW 1 Crap, it received nothing but praise and still does.

People are passionate about a franchise they love and they have really let people down with Multiplayer, one of the core staying experiences of the game.

How do you think change comes around, nobody saying anything?

What u talking about I paid for game testing?

ps. Where is downloadable update?

I guarantee you it’ll have more unlocks than four. Four literally had like two skins when it came out. Give it time. If it tops out four I’ll personally be super happy