Everythings broken again

Its ■■■■■■ again and i mean everthing every patch just gets worse come tc do something right i now get an error code after every game so no point playing this rubbish hope youtubers are trying to play because its more ■■■■■■ now than ever

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Same here dude.

You would think they would test stuff on a Monday and not on a damn Friday night!!

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At least ur only getting error code, I just done a horde and now all my re-ups are missing, I was re-up 7 level 65,now it looks like I’ve only started playing the game today

Me too, nothing working properly. I think I’m done with this game

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I checked the progress on my Raam totem and the challenges were all screwed up, each challenge said the exact same thing, revive 100 teammates , then yyy or something weird. If I remember right, it isn’t even one of the challenges…It showed they were all at 100% but there were no stars awarded…