Everything wrong with my favorite game series

1.matchmaking literally takes 20mins. Why don’t bots just sub players until they join?
2. Nintendo’s Duck hunt hit registry is light years beyond gears4 literally. AND TRULY NEEDS TO BE FIXED
3.if my rank is bronze1 in a game mode why in the hell am I matched up against a team of diamond 5 rank players? Diamond players should only be matched with diamond.
4.the packs are cool & crafting is cool. What isn’t is the pennypinching really ten dollars for a pack thats a month xboxlive. Get serious not everyone has money like that. Everything needs to have a credit value I’m sure the coalition is far from broke. All the blacksteel characters and other things I can look at but not craft. Smh you wack futha muckers.
5.ping? So what genius thought that it was a great idea to show every one when their lagging and no way to fix it just look at my 1100 ping yay. No.
6.why can’t you trade cards,why are card worth no scrap points. And why cant we share cards if we have multiple gamertag?
7. Blind fire at point blank misses with full active reload, why?
8. If do 98% damage why has my target not gone down?
9. Dbno time in general is far too long.
10.4xp needs to be weekly, alternating game modes.
11. Matchmaking penalties needs to be fixed. if the loby dissolves multiple times no one should be penalized for backing out.
12. If players do back out during game they should immediately be replaced with a bot. Bcuz 2v5 1v5 3v5 etc is complete B.S.

  1. Play social
  2. The ducks might have a different opinion
  3. There’s simply not enough diamonds to do this.
  4. Nobody’s making you by skins in a video game.
  5. More information is never a bad thing.
  6. The card system isn’t complex enough to support trading.
  7. YOU missed at point blank range.
  8. Players have a total of 100% life.
  9. It’s really not.
  10. Player levels don’t effect gameplay.
  11. No one is being penalized for this.
  12. Play social.
  13. Agreed
  14. Games fine, mate.

Ha! :rofl:

Your a quack although I don’t agree with a lot he said I most deff won’t agree with what’s you are saying.

The gambling aspect of this game is cancer there are sponging issues that hopefully increasing tick rate might help.

You’re just being a troll… I’ll hit someone twice which should result in a down and then they hit me twice Andy then I go down.

Don’t be so blind to the actual issues of the game and just pretend the game works fine… you obviously must play on 1 ping to not experience the issues MOST people experience.

The game is all connection based but to say the game is fine you’re a joke. All the games have their issues

Don’t be such a bellend… don’t add your opinion if it isn’t gonna be a constructful one.

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Neither of these points were touched on in either post. The current card system is NOT classified as gambling and ( with the exception of horde) has no effect on gameplay. I did agree with the original post about the servers, but my main gripe with them is more about the quantity and coverage. Simply increasing tick rate would also increase the base internet requirement of the game, it’s not the simple solution you make it out to be.

Most of the games issues stem from the internet itself and not the game. “Sponging” has been a part of the game since gears 1, if it was a programming flaw with the game itself it would have been fixed by now. It’s simply a price we must pay for playing such a fast paced game with people around the world.

Non of our post have been “constructful”.


I love this, so true.

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Nintendo’s Duck hunt hit registry is light years beyond gears4 literally.


Boi, I’m dead :rofl:

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One word … Kait

All concerns posted are valid ones
That would be absurd to deny in any way.
If the hit registry could be fixed. I’ll be happy. But everyone has their own opinion. These are mine so dont troll unless “you” are being constructive. Also can you fix any of this issues?, if not i really don’t see how your helping…at all. But that duckhunt line though​:joy::joy:. I roll with the punches I still play it. Good job on the movement fix though.

I think you misunderstood the 98% thing, he didnt say why is he not dead, he said why is he not DOWN. ya 100% to kill them but shouldnt need 100% to down ive never got that either ive done the 98% a few times ive even done 99% a couple times, im like wait hes 1% away from being dead then why didn’t. I at least down them? it’s common sense to me, if it’s 100% to kill anything 95 or up should have them dbno


DE4D20NExBRUSHY Nintendos Duck hunt hit registry is light years beyond gears4 literally.
Teady Bearz The ducks might have a different opinion

OMG you guys are awesome.

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I agree with this , 95% and up should go dbno.