Everything wrong with Gears 5, TC please hire a consultant [UPDATED]

U suck

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Can I just say how stupid and redundant the Snub actually is in Gears? absolutely zero logic as to why its even a starting weapon. I’d rather they just make it into a pickup weapon like the Talon/Boltok are.

Maybe they could find something else that fits that slot in Gears 6 like a melee weapon idk. pistols in general are kinda trash in Gears so wish they’d try something new.

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Cross play should be forced when the playing field is fairly even.
Or at least when the series x has saturated in the market.


It depends on the maps, agree and disagree. Gears 4 has a bunch of really good maps, id like to see more Gears 2 maps and eventually a devkit.

It was extremely useful in every other game, i hate it in this game it just feels so off. I loved in gears 4 slapping someone with a shot then pulling out the snub and downing them. Or in gears UE the snub headshot crosses were a ton of fun. I debated on adding in there making it a 9shot consecutive shots on the head for an instant kill, but i feel that would get abused somehow.

The playing field has been fairly even since launch aside from FOV. Why should everyone be held back because you cant get your hands on the new xbox or even the previously released xbox that gets extremely similar input delays to PC. Plus we are currently experiencing a shortage in players.

Because I believe in fair play. Not you are better only because you can afford or found something to enhance your game play.


how do you quantify map qualtiy? Is it based on how great the layout is? how innovative/interesting it compared to its counterparts? How different or impressive its aesthetics are?

I would argue Gears of War has had tons of forgettable and bland maps. Frankly the most creative map that was built in Gears 5 was Pahanu and seeing as how it was universally despised (I won’t play innocent, I trashed the map right after release) this just goes to show that the status quo of “war torn awful looking map with boomshot in middle and 1 or 2 snipers on side” will never change. Most innovative thing they’ve ever done with maps was the cycling weapon system in Gears 2, which came out like 10 years ago lol.

Tomb/Ephyra are both solid maps but lets not pretend they added anything new or exciting into the series, there have been tons of maps in Gears that did the same.

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I was gonna add this to the OP but ill post it here

Notes for Future TC maps

• Symmetrical plays better
• Sometimes a clutch or camp area is good
• Crossing points
• Limited cover around pickups
• Ability to bounce in halls
• Ability to bounce on stairs
• Elevated points

Best original gears 5 maps IMO in order

• Tomb
• Exhibit
• Regency
• District

I do too, that’s why for the longest time ive been on pc locked to 80fov and 60 fps. Never had an issue with players on G4 240 fps M&KB because i just outplayed them. Unless it was a team crossing, but pros on console do the same.

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If you played 2v2 masters against keyboard and mouse pc players on 120 FPS when you are on Xbox one 30fps or series x 60 FPS you probably wouldn’t call it even bro. It’s not even to force crossplay having the option is cool but to force it really shows desperation. If they put more effort into balancing I’d take this back but they won’t. It’s a noob friendly game now and certain hardware advantages can exploit that.

In case anyone at TC is listening I’ll add onto this.

-Verticality is now much more viable design wise because things like ladders/slides open up this area creatively. You can start making maps with more than 2 floors now lol.
-freezing/thawing of ice as presented in Icebound is already enough to make one of the best maps in Gears history in my opinion, even if you never bother making a map with this as a focus no way in hell that you can’t simply use this as a neat AoE effect on certain maps and in certain situations.
-For the love of Gears open up the sandbox and instead of just pulling out the same toys every single time (Boomshot, Longshot, Frags) try something a bit different, would kill to see a Scorch vs Scorch map, literally anything is better than the cookie cutter weapon selections presented.

Edit: also Allfathers slaps


I’d like to see a map with no explosive weapons. Maybe have longshot, Markza, the pistols. No frags boomer torque scorcher incens drop shot. Think that could be good since every map on the game revolves around the team securing different explosive weapons throughout

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One major thing I take into account is the replay-ability of these maps.

Obviously in this sense brand new original maps have a leg up here, as no one has played on them before, but on a map like Gridlock or Blood Drive; you already know the map layout, the weapon spawns, and even in a Horde sense, the places that may be best to place a Fabricator.

Take for example Foundation in Gears 4. It was picked a lot in that game, so when it made it’s way into matchmaking in Gears 5, it helped with the problems of map count at the time, but it has a shorter shelf life. That’s why I wanted to see TC take the Judgment route with Blood Drive and add something else to the map to make it interesting.

But then again, I remember having a lot of fun in Halo 5 with Truth, despite the fact it was a remake of Midship in Halo 2 and was remade in Halo 3 as well. But I would call it an exception rather than the rule, as Regret was a spin on Truth and I didn’t like that as much.

Aesthetics is quite low on the list to be fair, its something I notice for the 5 minutes and then that’s it. That’s no offense to the Arts team who draw up the map and make it look good (and do an excellent job), but I say, “That’s cool.” then move on.

Hmm, layout is important, I like the simplicity of Foundation. At it’s core its a very simple 3 lane map, which is why a lot of people like it, there’s no complex formula you need to work out.

Obviously I don’t want every map to be a drab 3 laned map a la CoD WW2, so I do like some experimentation here. I liked the experiment with Pahanu, I liked that they tried to do something drastically different, I just feel it was a step too far and wasn’t as executed as well as it could have.

From a Horde perspective I figured out Ephyra in 1 day lol, so I don’t think new maps add much to Horde except pretty visuals (slowly falling in love with Tomb, so pretty :sweat_drops:)

Now in terms of PvP I can see this being much more relevant, metagame changes often and I expect competition to be much more fierce a few months down the line when everybody knows how to play the map. Another important thing to add here is that surely after you had a huge pool of maps (Gears 4 had tons of them IIRC) there is a point where it becomes very difficult to be an expert on all of them, I remember seeing this often in Halo 5 where every team seemed to have a weak map or two.

Some maps in Gears history definitely had unique and interesting map designs that isn’t replicated by any other… Raven Down is most obvious example. 2 weapon pickups and they’re only grenades? okay, give me any other map that had that. Even something like War Machine has that unique gameplay because of the troika. Could you imagine a really well done remake of Flood? :scream:
Also Judgement had some awesome maps lol (converted to Judgementism a few months ago, been sober ever since :relieved:)

Edit: old maps still add a little to Horde because Horde changes a lot each game, no map plays exactly the same in 5 as it did 4 except maybe BloodDrive lol.

I’ll just start by saying I agree and disagree with some of what you were saying, but I feel the conversation of tuning goes so deep that I should probably just stay out of it. Because of this, I will instead comment on this small little blurb.

I feel obliged to say regarding the term “port”. All the skins that are in both G4 and G5, were technically rebuilt from the ground up for G5. Sure there may have been some framework that eased the process, but the models in G5 are superior in almost every way (except for Anya’s hands). They have realistic swaying fabric and chain materials, where in G4 they were static and looked awkward on a character rolling and diving everywhere.

That’s it, otherwise, nice post and thanks for taking the time to get your thoughts down on paper. Hopefully it helps.

This is a great point and it shouldn’t be understated. Its safe to say that these games really haven’t had a ‘feel’ to them, because the tuning changed to frequently. I honestly appreciate a developer who doesn’t settle for “good enough”, but it it comes at the expense of allowing your players to get familiar with how the game works, its too much.

I ask myself though, is this just a product of the current game industry. Don’t other games have constant updates and tweaks based off community feedback? I remember when I first fired up Gears 2, the changes in how the game felt was so freaking jarring that I was like “welp, ya ruined it… good job”. However, because the industry was less reactive to community feedback, we were forced to sit there and get used to it. Of course there are instances like the infamous TU6 that completely changed core mechanics of the game, but we all remember TU6… the fact it stood out means it was a tuning change worth emphasizing.


Below comment directed at this thread and no person in particular.


I am constantly asking myself, “Did Gears change, or did the industry and our expectations change?”. I think we could all benefit from taking a minute to ask the same question.

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But not everyone is you.

Xbox plays at 60 and series x at 120

Nicolas Fenix on a mission to find the city of gold will make a great campaign

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