Everything wrong with Gears 5, TC please hire a consultant [UPDATED]

Uh. What?

That was a joke.

Oh good I prefer drinking at parties, not talking.

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Wanna make a call out? Too bad…uthyr needs to tell the group about some vague story that lasts way too long for its own good. So by the time you want to make the call out the game is over.


Im the dude that waits until youre slightly drunk to ask you really controversial opinions to tell you my opinion is the exact opposite and watch how you react.

My stories are fun, only noobs need callouts. Plus i wasn’t playing that game i was just in the party so who cares if yall lost lmao.


I didn’t say we lost. Just the game was over because you can’t seem to get to the point. I have children if I want to hear a long pointless story

I’m flattered you went with that and not my waist size.


Im much more entertaining than children.

32" i could wrap my arm around you and throw you over my shoulder, u gon let me see that M&KB player BUCCI? UwU
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You’re such a meme :joy:

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Dont talk to me or my son ever again


I meant the damage part. I honestly feel like TCs map design doesnt help because everything is so open, especially the remakes.

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No Kyle it was still bad


So heres the thing, one could argue that the lancer is fine for a 1 on 1 or even a 2 on 1. But when you consider 3+ players hitting you at the same time that gets very very bad. Ill probably add in there to remove the ranged debuff since ranged damage is 15-16 shots right now with terrible bloom.

16 shot down is 5.4shots per player for a 3 stack, 4 shots per player in a 4 stack and 3.2 shots in a five stack on target. That isnt very hard to achieve especially with a buff to the accuracy. Adding headshots would make those downs even faster. It just makes sense on a competitive level.

A 14 shot down “current” is
2.8 per/5,

3.5 per/4,

4.6 per/3

Current headshot is

2.2 per/5,

2.75 per/4,


Yes the current accuracy makes this less apparent but when you have a team of players who know what they are doing and burst fire your upper body you will not want to touch the game i promise you that.

18 shot downs in control are currently way too high in my opinion, I understand the reasoning but with the current accuracy and netcode it feels like forever to down someone.

I can see what you’re saying with all that. It needs to be a balancing act because no one wants a game where no one pushes. We either need damage or accuracy.
Also, I agree, the lancer is pretty much useless in control lol


somebody give this man a tl;dr please

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  • Gnasher deals too much damage at too far of a range
  • Lancer deals too much damage not accurate enough
  • Snub needs to replicate 4 with a slight damage buff
  • Removal of knife melee
  • Various power weapon tweak suggestions
  • Delays are bad for competitive play
  • Movement speed increase
  • M&KB balancing suggestions
  • Controller custom layouts and fine tuning
  • Customisation ideas
  • Cross play should be forced
  • Future game tips including suggestions for ranked
  • Ranked gamemodes reflecting esports

Ill add this to the post



They are out

@TC_Clown Bruh Koth sucks, stop stroking off koth. We can have competitive and ranked. Quick play can just be a rolling lobby ill edit that in the post but that’s no longer possible for 5 Maybe gears 6

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I actually don’t think the quantity is the problem here. The quality is definitely lacking here (I remember saying a similar thing at the end of the Gears 4 lifecycle).

And, there are 27 VS maps playable in the game today, at the mid-drop of Op8, there will be at least 30, and only Gears 4 at 34 maps will have had more VS maps in a Gears game.

Like I said, the quality is lacking. 12 maps are basically identical to their Gears 4 counterparts, plus River, means 13 maps in that cycle are from previous games. Over 40% of your map cycle in Gears 5 is in Gears 4.

Bringing back more Gears 4 maps isn’t going to help.