Everything wrong with Gears 5, TC please hire a consultant [UPDATED]

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This is correct, we were shorted our dod shipment lol.

Edit @Aloha_its_Kyle you ■■■■ post like 5 hrs a day. If this was your job youd have a proper salary for


I can’t think of one thing that the Blowalition has done with Gears 5 PVP that I would want in the next game.


That is a false accusation. And in bird law you can lose your license for such a claim.

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Good thing birds don’t exist

Turkeys are real

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Someone flag this

Jesus, based on the comments I’m not sure if this is a real post or some elaborate troll.


I disagree strongly with the smokes also stunning players. However, agree with most of what you said. Well put!

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Its real, Liam.

It hurts my brain to read, David. I’m going to bed, wake me when the cliff notes are out.

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Ok, but the exam is Saturday. Be sure to read through them thoroughly.

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great post and definitely worth the read but this is the ongoing gears nightmare. since the beginning of gears 4, how much has the game changed?

seriously, pick a random person and ask them to remember how the game was on march 2017, July 2018, November 2019, April 2020 and January 2021.

Already, TC was not capable of carrying the momentum from gears 4 to 5, so can we expect better for gears 6? We can hope. I agree with lots of your proposed changes but the game would need a fully fledged AAA studio at the helm, which for a variety of reasons I do not consider TC to be one. That isn’t a shot at TC, I really don’t think Gears has all hands on deck. It isn’t entirely on TC’s shoulders either.

We should have forum bingo nights with the cards showing all the different tunings and changes.

I’ll add that I am disappointed that this is TC’s final tuning for Gears 5 and maybe what they will base Gears 6 on.

I thought the previous tuning, the one with the air back A, was the best in any Gears game. I know TC is capable because that tuning on the series x was the absolute best. It wasn’t perfect but I thought it was the one that fit the best overall.

In conclusion, Livo was right.


You know if they saw the whole context it wouldn’t have been bad

I agree with the only sentence I read.


Add uthyr and join his party, you’ll never have to say a word


Surprisingly, I enjoy that kind of teammate… I mean, as long as they have hit puberty already.

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You should always read The source material before you read the comments that’s like reading the plot to a movie before you actually watch the movie. Plus you already know that he’s brain dead incels aren’t reading lmao.

That’s a discussion to be had because I would rather smoke function as they did in three and forward I think it made for more consistent gameplay than “oh I’m going to push and objective better switch to my flash or I’m going to pick something up better switch to my smoke”

I will literally make a multiple choice quiz don’t you tempt me.

Yes unfortunately we assume the same as we did in the end of 4

For me it’s a toss-up between 2 pre tu6, gears 4’s near final short gib comp Gnasher and UE. 100% agree with you one thing I didn’t add is that Jim Bob a man who previously had no experience in game development was able to develop that nasher alongside the current multiplayer head. Unfortunately Jim Bob was temporary employee and the multiplayer had changed up the game shortly after Jim Bob left. Although I didn’t like the fact that Jim Bob wanted to slow down movement he was very passionate about a close range shotgun that only killed that closer ranges but at the same time I know for a fact he was being pressured to have damage at range because we have a lot of gears of war 3 players who don’t remember how horrible the gnasher was.

It’s true I talk a lot and I call out a lot, and if I’m drinking don’t join the party.

I’m married so I’m going to have to decline although I hope you find the one I heard Kyle is single God everyone knows it

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