Everything wrong with Gears 5, TC please hire a consultant [UPDATED]

My final and ongoing thoughts for the current state of gears 5 and what TC should prioritize on the next game. This will be my final criticism thread for gears 5 and ill just update it and quote from here to stop driving forum mods crazy by making new threads every week so id appreciate it if this one just stayed open.

Ill start off by saying the game is much better than launch but we are seeing the same message from the community across the board. Most players think the game feels off, inconsistent and is lacking content so my posts will be hopefully addressing OP8 and or future titles. I will fill this post up with my garbage opinions so i can forward yall to it so i dont have to type this every time and ill consistently update it.

Here is my current opinion on the game,

The Gnasher deals too much damage for the current movement speed and the delays prevent most of what was previously possible Livo who got banned from the forums made some good statements on this. I’ve seen players wait instead of pushing for kills, I’ve seen players bot walk to ensure a kill and I’ve seen players hide the entire game. A player shouldn’t be able to just stand right out of kill range on a piece of cover bot walking waiting for me to bounce. There has never been a gears game where hiding like a Pansy is the meta, starting to feel more like Gears Of Bore hehehehe. M&KB players are the hardest to outplay, Please don’t confuse this with PC players. Ill get into that in a second.

Lancer still deals too much damage but i feel it is also way too inaccurate, i should be able to hold the trigger and suppress like gears 4 at a distance. By all means its not a finishing weapon its a support weapon. But a 4/5 stack on M&KB or extremely high skill controller players are able to absolutely obliterate you once they get setup. Especially on modes like koth.

After alot of play testing and consideration i think ive determined what would be the best possible tuning for all play styles imo, previously i stated this but after further consideration i restate my opinion here and keep it all central in a better easier to read format.

My background so everyone knows im not just some braindead casual.

Ive been playing since 2006 i love this game, I hate the direction it took. It makes me really upset to see this game become more and more mundane. I used to do nothing but play GB/UMG execution/escalation and scrims, i met my current fiance soon to be wife on this game in a warzone match in 2013 and have been in and out of the competitive community over the years. I was 1/26 or something i believe to get D5 in all modes on gears 4 in the first season D5 was introduced. I also held D5 top 80-99% in execution for a short while. I put over i believe 200 days into gears of war 4, most likely double that for gow 2-3. I played in multiple locals as well as online competitive tournaments from Gow2 and Gow4. Im not a professional, im not better than anyone else, im not superior to you and my opinion doesn’t matter more than yours. i dont claim to be so i dont wanna hear that.


Gnasher [For CQC Elimination]

  • Shorter Gib range to compensate for raised damages.
  • Extremely high point blank damage “touching” over half a shot landed point blank should be a kill.
  • Two shot range should be right out of gib range but no further
  • Extremely high damage drop off, current two shot range should be three shot, current three shot range should be 4-5
  • Much higher spread, may have to have higher damage per pellet at close ranges
  • LT and Hipfire IDENTICAL!!! this is already a thing but extremely important
  • Poke should be reduced to ≤1% per pellet at most to just keep players hurt but not to down at a range
  • Removal of all aim assist on the Gnasher in versus ranked/comp
  • Max ammo at spawn
  • Slightly extended headshot gib range to add back the OG headshot gib (i just find this fun)

Lancer [For support and suppression]

  • 16 shot down, Enough damage to down a player picking up a weapon during animation but not enough to take on multiple opponents in close ranges.
  • Slightly better accuracy similar to gears 4
  • No headshot damage modifiers
  • No stopping power whatsoever
    Current damage is 14 shot
    control is 18?

Snub [For finishing and support]

  • Current damage is decent 11 shot although i d prefer a 10 shot
  • Mimic gow4 shot speed
  • Less restrictions on shot speed i understand we put those in place to prevent modded controllers but all they do is make my snub randomly stop shooting
  • Increased accuracy, i feel the snub is less accurate than 4. Either that or its the netcode.
  • Possible very slow automatic fire option for accessibility.


  • The Smoke should stun, im not sure why they separated them but i want smokes to function like gow4 with a little bit more smoke screen. I hate the idea of a flash.
  • Flashes, if we must keep the flash make it turn the screen white or freeze the frame like flashbangs do in other games instead of stunning. We could make this a pickup if thats the case. And perhaps if its extremely close it will stun. Players who are flashed should hold a hand over eyes for a second but be able to shoot
  • Frags need a slight range increase imo and should have a very small outside DBNO radius
  • Flames are very inconsistent when it comes to spread, it seems almost random. Id propose a damage buff and slight range increase. Enough to fill a koth ring about 80%
  • Shocks are very buggy, sometimes they phase through cover and stun me when they aren’t affecting that radius
  • You should not be able to tac com planted nades.
  • Return of the ink grande?

Pick-ups and misc

  • BOOM needs a slight damage buff and possibly a small down radius for actives similar to gow 1, sometimes i feel i hit right next to someone and they dont die but are 90%
  • Embar you should be able to hold the shot for a second after charge but if you choose to do so it delays your next shot because of overheating.
  • Scorcher should have the non active slightly buffed and the active needs to stop shooting flames backwards at the user randomly.
  • Boltock bloom is waaay too high
  • Mace, GL, Buzzkill, Mulcher and Trishot should not be in comp IMO.
  • Retro should function like gow 4 i feel i can head down a retro and i really shouldn’t be able to.
  • Hammy needs a ever so slight buff.
  • Knife melee, please scrap this for gow 6 this COD knife tracking B button ■■■■ is frustrating. I prefered the original gow 1-4 melee. If we are going to have a knife melee put it on the pistols.
  • For execution/gridiron power weapon shots need reduced


  • Remove and or reduce shot delays, players should not be punished for movement or the engagement of movement, but should not be able to shoot during animation in most cases
  • Increased movement speed overall aside from maybe walk speed
  • Fix the bug where during a hyper angle bouncing the game decides im close enough to a piece of cover to roll to the left or right even when on alt
  • Add a very very high rotation speed cap to characters to prevent the crazy M&KB game breaking 2k+ dpi 360 instant flicks. (This would not effect controller players)
  • Fix the back a bug where the shotgun hangs over a cover but never fires
  • Fix bug where a player is staring directly at a wall standing in front of the wall but still rolls forward into the wall as if it didn’t exist.
  • Increase weapon swap speed, match snub and frag/smoke swap speeds. They are way too slow, I understand the reasoning for the slow swap speeds but id like to finish a swap before i finish a evade so ill be ready to fire. With increase movement speed this would also have to be increased. Players should still be able to be punished for swapping primary’s point blank

This would IMO

  • Compensate for lag in up close battles and reduce the frequency of 89-99% sponges
  • Reduce the frequency of shot holding and encourage players to pepper a target before approaching
  • Encourage players to move for a kill instead of waiting for the kill to come to them
  • Allow for more styles of gameplay
  • Discourage players who hide and hard aim targets at a distance
  • Discourage shot holding
  • Discourage botwalking
  • Reduce the frequency of duck and shoot gameplay on thick covers
  • Discourage hiding in 2 shot ranges
  • Encourage movement
  • Encourage reaction shots, up as, back a’s and wrapshots
  • Improve cover shot damages no more up a for 98%
  • Remove the downed by three shotguns at med to long range consistently peppering you because they refuse to pull out the snub to finish
  • Increase the need for team crossing
  • Allow the lancer to suppress players effectively at range
  • Allow players to pull out a snub more effectively to punish those who run from fights.
  • Allow players to outplay multiple players at once

Cross platform and m&kb balancing issues

I made a rant post HERE so ill just summarize it.

  • M&KB Is allowed on console and supported
  • Newest xbox has similar if not superior input delays (37Ms on series x cant find information on pc if i can test my personal pcs input delays i will)
  • Community is lacking players
  • Most pc players dont have the hardware to get over 120 fps me included
  • New Xbox can get 120fps
  • Your eyes cant process information at more than 75fps unless youre an alien on Adderall or a csgo pro (your eyes can notice smoothness beyond this but the advantage is negligible especially at 120 and most dont even consider it an advantage) ill post the image anyway and a link to the thread where Mark was making his points.
  • Fov slider is on console now
  • Pc gets lower input delays on 60 fps
  • Pc has hardware issues and not every pc is optimized perfectly due to hardware differences
  • A large majority of pc players play controller
  • You can purchase a monitor if you want to stop getting clapped
  • There is literally no more ranked
  • There is an anticheat and TC is on the ball with bans, i have only seen one sus player and im pretty sure he wasnt cheating in the entire almost two years.
  • Anyone can use macros, console or xbox

hqdefault (2)

@Mark36111’s post

M&KB is an advantage, here is how we could combat that to make the playing field even.

  • Input based matchmaking toggle
  • Raised movement speed to outplay m&kb accuracy (listed above)
  • Gnasher nerf (listed above)
  • Locked max rotation speed (listed above)
  • Reduced lancer damage (listed above)
  • Reduced shot delays (listed above)
  • Removal of aim assist in ranked modes. (Listed above)

Update, these are minimal advantages but ill list them

  • Vsync toggle for console
  • Triple buffering toggle for console
  • Post processing toggle (motion blur and lighting effects)
  • Prioritize input delay option that would allow screen tearing

Maps lack of content, drip feeding, opinions on maps and development.

Im sure everyone has seen the leaked content that got posted on YouTube, in response to this the devs should release the content in three packages, two for OP7 and one for OP8 along with whatever else they create for OP8

Store and customisation

  • There should be no exclusive purchase only content aside from e sports skins, ranked skins, horde skins and charity skins
  • All content should be added to store permanently for free a week to a month after initial release
  • Coin system works and is good
  • Port skins and characters from gears 4
  • More charity skins
  • Allow TOD skins to be purchasable with iron for who dont want to grind


Port maps from gears 4 if you can port characters you can port maps. Compared to GOW4 this game is lacking maps big time.

Community content

  • Release a dev kit for gears 5 or 6 so we can create maps and skins.
  • Player made skins can be charity donations
  • allow for players to submit weapon tunings

Possible gears 6 pointers and suggestions

Game modes, future ranked, competitive, servers and Gears 6 esports

I made a post about ranked already ill quote it

Execution/Escalation update
My previous opinions still stand, after much playing of execution and escalation.

I can say that execution cannot function the way it did previously with warzone rules, furthermore it is actually a completely different mode. Weapons need to be more balanced forcing fights and multiple sides of the map, the win condition needs to be classic for teams in stacks of two refusing to push ring.

Escalation without respawn limits feels like the game is reliant on head downing and not worrying about staying alive. The spawn timers dont even effect gameplay and weapon placements should be immediate not upgrades.

Execution proposed map layouts
Ill post these in text and later put images maybe. Ill also post 1-5 how much i like that map for exe.

Exhibit 5/5
Snipe on snipe/enforcer
Scorcher or drop on drop/mace
Frags/tbow on bridge
Boltock or shock on pistols.

Mercy 4/5 TBA
Frags in church
Shock outside of church
Tbow mid
Retro/boltock side towers
Scorcher/drop on bowl.

Checkout 2/5
Boltock/retro/shock in bathrooms
Scorcher/boom in electronics
Frags on frag spawn
Flames on flame spawn
Snipe/embar on snipe

Blood drive 4/5
Frags/flames on frag spawn
Boltock on boltock spawn
Snipe/embar on snipe
Scorcher/drop on drop

Tomb 5/5
Boom/snipe on snipe
Frags/flames on frag
Boltock on boltock
Embar/tbow on tbow

Icebound 3.5/5
Boom/drop on drop
Boltock/retro on enforcer
Shock/flames on shock
Tbow/snipe on tbow

Allfathers arena 3/5
Snipe/embar on boom
Boom/drop on snipe
Hammerburst/boltock on smoke spawn
Boltock /hammerburst on hammerburst spawn

Asylum (i hate this map so much) 1/5
Snipe/boom on boom
Tbow/embar on snipe spawn
Shock or flames on shock
Frags mid
Overkill underneath

Training grounds 2/5
Retro/boltock/shock on enforcer
Shock/Boltock on boltock
Boom/drop on drop
Frags/flames/overkill on frags
Snipe/embar/tbow on snipe

Ephyra 1/5 currently trash.
Down low drop should be drop/tbow
Flames should be flames/shock
Boom should be snipe/boom
Boltock should be boltock or shock
There should be an overkill in the center of the map leaning up against the pillar

Pooonanu 0/5
Its just so ■■■■■■■ bad
Mid should be boom
Snipe at marksa
Frags/flames at palace
Overkill at cave
Retros on the way to cave not sure if thats a spawn actually.

Canals 5/5
Snipes on snipes
Tbow/drop on tbow
Boltock/retro on boltock Maybe overkill.
Frags on frags

Bunker 1/5
Frags/flames on frag spawn
Shock/retro on retro spawn
Drop/boom on drop
Snipe/embar up top

Clocktower 3/5
Boom on boom
Snipe on snipe
Frags/flames on frags
Boltock/retro on each side

Dam 2/5
Boom/drop boom side
Frags on frags
Snipe/embar on snipe
Retros on retro
Flames/shock on flames

District 4/5
Drop/boom on buzzkill
Shock/flame on marksa
Boltock/retro on talon
Snipe/embar on frags

Forge 1/5
Boom/drop on boom
Shock/retro on marksa
Frags mid
Snipe/tbow up top

Gridlock 5/5
Snipe on snipe
Boltock/hammy on towers
Talon on shock if any placement at all
Boom on boom
Frags mid

Harbor 2/5
Frags on mid
Drop on drop
Snipe on snipe
Shock on shock
Boltock on hammy spawn

Lift 2/5
Boom/scorcher mid
Flames/frags on nades
Boltock/retro on boltock
Snipe/embar on snipe
Shock leading to snipe

Foundation 5/5
Shock on shock spawn
Tbow on tbow
Boom/drop on boom
Frags/flames mid

Reclaimed 5/5
Snipe/embar bottom barn
Frags mid
Retro/boltock top
Scorcher/tbow bowl
Shock on shock.

Regency 5/5
Drop/boom on drop
Tbow/embar on tbow
Boltock/retro on boltock
Shocks on shock

River 3/5
Two ways to run this map, one is towers and one is center youd most likely have to cut ammunition in half for towers. Not sure why anyone wanted this map back because honestly it isn’t that great.

Tower setup
Frags/flames in spawn
Snipes/tbow in towers
Boom/drop down low
Scorcher/overkill bridge

Brige/center setup
Shock/flame on spawn
Scorcher/drop low
Boom/overkill bridge
Snipes/retros in tower

I dont remember if trucks have a spawn but they should be pistols

Speyer 3/5
Snipe on snipe
Scorcher/frag/flames on frags
Boom on boom
Shocks on shocks

Vasgar 2.5/5
Snipes on snipe
Frags/flame on tank
Drop/boom on mid

Suspensions and my experience going forward

Text chat needs to be allowed and be most importantly on by default, those who avoid the profanity filter need to be banned temporarily or muted permanently in the safe chat filter, racist comments need to be filtered even with profanity on and users should receive an automatic chat ban. The community needs the communication this was a mistake to take it out of the game, there are other ways to go about this that other games already do. The game is rated mature, we are all adults. If you cant handle the chat just turn it off and move on.

Other improvements, UI, Controller remap

UI limitations and toggles G5/6

  • Toggle eliminated display from bottom of screen
  • Toggle weapon wheel icon and only show the weapon that was selected
  • Toggle the remaining players on the corner to only appear in tac or not at all
  • Toggle ribbons?
  • Toggle tour of duty notifications
  • Obj only displays in tac com
  • Player lives or ring count as text only and option to toggle for tac com.
  • Toggle gridiron and exe ring/flag display
  • Toggle blood sprays
  • Toggle visual emotes
  • Toggle custom marks
  • Toggle weapon skins
  • Toggle character skins
  • Toggle vocal emotes
  • Toggle emote wheel display
  • Auto hide ammunition
  • Hide reload bar
  • Original omen

Controller remap support in G5/6

  • support in game remapping for custom controller setups (Example run, roll, cover all on separate buttons. Chainsaw melee same button or separate)
  • Allow for more fine tuning like ReWasd has for thumbstick tuning and deadzone tuning. (More than likely a ms thing but worth mentioning xbox hardware can perform better than currently allowed, I suggest all controller player to download rewasd on pc so you can fine tune your sticks until Microsoft decides to make support for it. it isnt too different but it definitely helps my accuracy. although when i try to remap my Run/cover to Enter and then set my A button to Enter while on alt i still roll… im really not sure how thats possible but i just wanna be able to have evade on its own key.)

Misc multiplayer improvements

  • Allow for UMG linked matchmaking/scrims
  • Allow for charity donations and other charity events
  • Allow for a gears of war UE, 2, 3, 4, current comp and previous OP tuning to be selectable in private matches
  • Allow a separate toggle for aim assist in private
  • Footsteps audio is absolutely bugged footsteps are sometimes silent G4 audio was predictable.

Here are some of my other posts.
Gears 5 panders to low skill players
Ranked Thread
Cross play debate
Chat suggestions thread
Map builder suggestions thread

This is going to be ongoing, expect updates, links, pictures and visual examples.

Please read TC @TC_MichaelAOS, @TC_Sera, @TC_Shauny, @Snakeocombat id tag @ gears gentleman if i could, hes the one im really trying to reach here…

If you disagree with me my dad works for MS and ur banned thanks


Added content bonus points

  • Usa Revolutionary war flags?
  • Other Non offensive Historical flags
  • Custom banners
  • Possibly for Gridiron flag to be a weapon


The ending is exactly my opinion

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Fair play you put a lot of effort into that and I agree with basically all of it. I played against Livo 2v2’s before decent player too. Everything that you put about gnasher I double agree with. I know the forum has mixed opinions mixed platforms and a good mixture of PVP players and PVE players but if there was some sort of official poll where us players were listened too I believe a huge amount of people would agree on the gnasher, lancer, snub and bringing back KOTH. Whoever’s in charge of the feedback from op7 have a word see what can be done.

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I just want to see the game succeed, g5 has been rough.


hello from coaulition, please punish players who leave the competitive multiplayer room as one could not play



U work for coagulation?

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You can call me Fenix, now tell me. Where the hell is the declaration of independence


I dont think we should keep nerfing the lancer into the dirt

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Thank goodness


With an accuracy Buff it would down players the same at range and slightly slower up close. Actually would probably be better overall

Full disclosure; didn’t read the op nor do I intend to.


Wait, Canadians can read?

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