Everything is way overpowered

The title says it all. Everything is way too strong and the flashbangs need to be a pickup in the match. Please update ASAP.


If everything is OP, nothing is OP.
Balanced like everything should be.


Interesting point strong text

Hmm, sounds like MW2.

Worked for that game.

Logic works out - doesn’t mean the game isn’t bad because of it.

Say for instance since the lancer is now OP, so if someone with an OP gnasher is pushing and trying to dodge as best he can, it’s still going to be harder and unbalanced.

So yeah.

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I’ve done it plenty of times now and they lose. you can tell who is stuck in the old ways of gears because they just rush. “me no think, me rush in alone, and destroy enemy.” take advantage of those who are stuck in their ways. when you get the wall bouncing down its OP in this game. Ive now had some intense shotgun battles, wall bouncing around each other. I’m not saying I’m great, but this game took getting used too for me and I was hating it at first.

Yes yes yes and yes

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No duh you can still do it. I’m just saying it’s worse now.

“when you get the wall bouncing down its OP in this game.” Lol. You must be new to this game cause I can tell you probably started wall bouncing in gow4 or maybe even 5.

I’ve been playing since the original. that’s just me though. don’t get your panties all wet. its a discussion. people don’t like that they now have to do more with their thumbs at the right time to do what they want. its not just look at this wall then the other to wall bounce.

by “this game” I meant gears 5. the wall bouncing is different. it felt different. I cant say I played gears 4 to long. that game died.

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This isn’t true. Everything can be OP to the point where you can’t move between covers without getting downed. The weapon balance of a gun is not just solely compared to the weapon balance of another gun.


Thats basically what i said and this other kid is telling me something else about me not wall bouncing properly :joy:

Lol listen to what you’re saying it makes no sense buddy.

Like what?? Even before this game one had to do A LOT with their thumbs to move well, as did I. I don’t see where you would have to do more than normally now that this game has changed lmao. It’s just… bad.

And please enough about wall bounce as I know exactly what type of way you ‘wall bounce’. I can tell just from the way you speak, crazy right

I already said I’ve been playing gears since day one. you’re still on that? you can always check my gamer tag if you really need to know…idk what else to tell you? I think you must be a teen or just childish. If you feel its just bad then I respect that. people on here talk about gears 4 being great but that game died quick. If you are frustrated because you die so much then give the game a break and come back when they update it and see if you like it. dude I hated the MP at first.

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I’m done with you. have a good sir!! good luck on the game. also I can tell you pee with your pants all the way to the floor by the way you speak. you’re one of those.

They should just nerf all the guns to do 1-10 damage max explosive weaponz do 10 damage gnasher 8, rifles all do 1dps pistols do 2dps give everyone 100 health.

Lol calls me out for being a teen or a child and yet…


I still don’t know what you’re on about cause I never mentioned anything about me dying a lot. In fact, I’m doing just as good as I do in any Gears with limited ‘bad games’. Can back this up as I was Onyx 3 in TDM (before Execution was added). Just cause someone is complaining about the game doesn’t mean they’re bad lmao. I am what the second word of my name is :wink:

It’s not. It’s because you’re all modes have aim assist enabled other than escalation/execution. People are landing all their shots all the time, makes the weapons seem stronger.

I’ve noticed that a little bit of team work is needed. Have a few of your guys engage with Lancers and a couple others flank with Gnasher.

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Simple Fix - Remove stopping power nerf the lancer damage by 5% and give it damage drop off.

Flashbangs make them a map pick up like shock grenades

You dont want to Nerf the lancer so far into the ground it becomes useless its meant to be a cover fire weapon to get angles for your team. In its current state way to strong maybe they could start with removing stopping power and only nerfing damage by like 3%