Everything is fine


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Yes. We’re score running every hive in existence currently lol.

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Trying to score run The Clock might be the worst map when it comes to having to sit through load screens.

First encounter first act: We got Juvies/Rejects? Restart
Second encounter first act: We got Juvies? Restart
Encounter before Dropshot room: We got Grenadiers? Restart
Left path second act: We got Juvies? Restart

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We literally only ever restarted because we got a bad spawn, not because we actually failed.

Such a braindead map whatever side you choose

You could just roll with whatever spawns you get and probably be fine. I don’t think anyone bothered scorerunninng Clock with LV6 cards yet.

Also, which characters are you using?

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Fahz, Paduk, and Cole.

We could. But may as well get the best possible time.

There’s a time of -2:40:00 that popped up I believe right after we did our first run, so someone out there is doing it lol.

Fair enough.

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