Everything. From wallbounnce to damage output

This gears 5 is so trash. U take away melee to help so they can wallbounce not take damage and boost their damage output. I hit the hole fickin hit box with gnashes get 11% damage then get one shot from a wall once I know the devs read this ■■■■ there’s million post about same ■■■■ Gears 1. Which was a ■■■■■■ demo. Was 1000% better in ranked etc. ■■■■■■ shitbox game I have videos. Where u can clearly see I do 15 %. Damage get one shot. And I had the advantage. I have great internet I’m hardwire so stop using that as an excuse I have video clips where we own ■■■■ and we been playing gears for years. Just fix your ■■■■■■ game

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How exactly will this post help anything lol


By reading it like I said the fuckary is real every timeI got on everyone complains. Everyone. Then pc players cheat constantly no way to turn off crossplay. This people make allot of money to piss ppl off lol. Listen the more you read it the better things will be


i get what he’s saying but he doesn’t realize he sucks at gears yet… He gets bodied… blames it on hit box… yet doesn’t realize that that 83 percent damage was what the other player was waiting on to get a clean chunk shot on you. Hate people who can’t adapt or learn to play… Still stuck in gears1 dynasty or something… If you went back to play gears1,2,3,4,or UE you would realize how dawg they are now. Yet, Realize how dawg you are now. simple.

Xbox don’t own trainers and 3rd party programs to run in background. I don’t suck at gears there’s no way I’m one on one and I get 1% game and get one shot from someone 3 feet away. Say what u gotta say I’m tellin facts. The game broken has been sence dropped

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Pls correct his sentencing PLEASES


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