Everybody in this game has been called a sponge at one point

even if you havn’t been told it, i bet somebodys thought it.

is this game more spongier than the other 3?

All Gears Games have induced people to call others sponges.

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Nope, not me. Never been called that ever in this game.


Oh yeah, People complaining about my 90 ping which I don’t have anything to do to make it lower.
Yeah I have been called a sponge few times… Like 47 times

i get called a sponge allllllllllllllll the time

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I wouldn’t say it’s spongier but I would say it handles high fluctuation pings much worse than the others. The lower your ping is in a lobby with a high fluctuation player the worse it’s going to be for you.

Players miss and blame your connection. It’s nothing new for any game. The difference here is that one high fluctuation will make the experience worse for someone with a stable 10ms ping than it will for someone with a stable 50ms ping. It’s something The Coalition should have addressed years ago yet it still exists.

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Nope. Not me either.

Plenty of flush shots which don’t get the job done, it’s always been this way with Gears though hasn’t it?
Nobody has ever messaged me at all and I can’t hear voice comms from outside of my party for some reason :frowning:
I want to be called a sponge :frowning:

Legit was called host while playing 2v2 gnashers


I was called a hacker once. I don’t even play on pc.


I have been called a cheater/hacker on multiple occasions. I play on Xbox but I guess when you finish with 90 kills compared to their 25 kills in a KotH match it brings out the excuses. :rofl:

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I am so guilty of the sponge calling.

honestly some of it is frustration, but for example last night playing KOTH security. My team all ping 31 to 50. the other team ping and i kid you not 105 to up as high as freaking 600.

Beat me on skill i am fine given same circumstances, but i stood being this gut shout him point blank three times zero damage.

I have start turning off my mic now cause i am sure its not the players fault they get what their internet gives them and why would they want to change that.

In another thread someone did make the point the they felt bad for these high ping cause they feel they are awesome and when they get in the same ping flux they get destroyed.

about 99% of the time I think someone sponges I see that I missed, when I watch the video clip frame by frame. but others have posted some interesting clips…


Mostly because a high ping with or without fluctuations doesn’t give any player an advantage. I will play against stable pings all day because they’re the ones facing delays while my game runs fine.

The issue is from the game allowing even one player into a match with a fluctuating connection. Not only will that player with fluctuations have a terrible time but so will everyone else in the lobby. In this case, the lower your ping the worse off you’ll be. For example, if this fluctuation player is pinging at 100ms with large spikes while I’m at 20ms and my opponent, who is also steady but at 50ms, I’m at a disadvantage. No idea why lower pings suffer more from high fluctuation players but it’s just how it is.

Hopefully Gears 5 addresses this. As it stands now, which @DAVID_THE_CLOWN can attest to from last night, my shots weren’t registering much when those fluctuations were present. When the lobby was stable I basically did what any Diamond would do and that’s destroy the competition.

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Haha! Yup, I can confirm this. Although, I did kill it in that dodgeball game lol.
To be fair, you did miss that headshot with the longshot on Gridlock😂

Oh I missed a few lol. I watched a clip I recorded and saw that one was bad. :joy:

But a few didn’t register well.

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Oh yes. That Gridlock match was pretty awful.
Like I’ve said before, I can only complain so much about lag, considering that I have ping spikes myself lol

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Ever see the youtube video of the sponge bob animations flying out everytime someone eats in 4? Oh man is that funny.

I would not say spongier. But I have sponged. I will admit that. I have seen people sponge. Point blank from behind and the player eats it. Kills a teammate and eats another. Then after the third shot they kill me and I get one hit for 80 something percent.