Every time I see posts about lag, etc

I see many complain about their wait times and lag and such… I honestly wonder about your personal connection/internet package, wether hard wired or wifi, etc etc etc… Many etc. I honestly have never had an issue. What gives?

If you’ve never had an issue then you must be a Unicorn.


Mebbe. Who knows. 50 up 50 down (I think) hard wired with cat 6. 30 ish ping connection to East US. I have my phone streaming dnb/dub on SoundCloud and wife on Netflix while I play and zero issue… So… I dunno.

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30 ping is considered good - but depends how stable & consistent it is.

There are so many variables.

I have 400 Down and 21 Up with a local server ping of 5-15ms.

This is hard wired with a Cat 7 cable.

No one else uses my internet / no other app is used.

But what people normally complain about:

-The better your connection, the worse it can actually play for you. Yes this is backwards but one high ping player can ruin a low ping players experience.

-Sponging and Inconsistencies, this is experienced virtually every match.

Finding matches is extremely difficult outside of TDM and KOTH but this is due to low population.

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Ah. Well I’m steady 30’s unless connected to somewhere else. Don’t play VS so maybe that is part of why I don’t see the issues first hand. I did try wifi once for an experiment. I was so-so. But I only hit 100-120ms. How can some “achieve” 600+???

Sometimes it’s not their fault.

For the last couple of days, the game has kept choosing US East for me and my EU friends.

We literally had like 3-4 matches on US severs with 8-10 EU players.

So my ping was around the 70-80ms range.

Once it put me on the furtherst server possible, my ping was like 300.

So it could be someone with an already poor connection being pushed onto, or even when they are with friends, onto a far off server which would result in an inflated ping.


I hope you looked into your Cat 7 cabling carefully. I don’t believe it has been recognized by the TIA/EIA as a standard yet.

That’s not to say it won’t work - just that there’s a ton of fakery going on when buying cables and whatnot.

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Good point! I was looking at trying a cat 7 after recently discovering them.

My understanding of their matchmaking, based on some posts and just watching it in game, is that it tries to match you with people on your closest server, then it looks outwards to other servers, until it find a match on some server. It’s doing it for everyone looking for a game, at that time…

IF this is kinda right (can be totally wrong) then the only way you’d get matched up against really distant players (assuming for the moment that ping is an indication of distance) is that there weren’t any closer players available… So adding things like min ping filter/etc, will just prevent you from finding a match, in such a situation…

Using the above example of 8 EU players on the US East server, I can imagine how that would happen…

There was no one available on the EU server(s), the game looked outwards, got to the US server, just as a couple of people close to there were looking for a match. So the logic said “hey, there we go, we have a match.”

It might make more sense to host the game on the EU server, but however their logic works, it ended up on the US server…

Not optimal, but I can see how that could/would happen. Just guessing, of course…

Complains about mis-matched pings in games are really complains about unavailability of local players (local to you)… Which sucks, I agree, but just a question of timing, time of day, players’ interest, etc, etc… Not much TC can do about that.

Yes, they made a lot of decisions which drive people away, so that’s on them… Now, they can’t magically create local low ping players for everyone…

Your reply is missing the point,

“No one available” ?

There are normally 10 EU players put into US servers with 1 or 2 games MAYBE having a US player.

Either the EU servers are full or the system is having issues and putting us onto US severs for some reason.

And remeber, the matches are being created in a minute or less so it’s hardly even searching that long …

Considering I always have the lowest & stable ping in either EU server and consistently pull the full ~400 down and 21 up available to me 24/7 - I’d say the cables are fine :+1:

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Ok, if there are TEN EU players on a US server, ok, that’s something to look at… But less than 10 would fit my theory still…

Again, just a theory…

I don’t think it still does.

8 EU players and 2 from US shouldn’t result in US server - it should still be on EU due to a the sheer number of EU players.

It’s found them again on average between 30 seconds to 1 minute and no more than 2 minutes so the matchmaking couldn’t possible have exhausted its search.

Plus it doesn’t always happen, one night it could be 100% EU servers only - as expected and then next night you’ve got pretty much only US matches for EU servers.

It’s only an issue when there’s one or two US players where they are local so 30-60 ping and everyone else is 80-100 ping. At the upper levels of rank, the two players can get a massive advantage.

If it’s all 10 players from EU it’s still a level playing field so it’s not a complaint but more of a inconvenience…


Verizon Fios Gig
Nighthawk Gaming Router/ Bridge with Netduma
2ms ping to NA East server… You were saying?