Every Match packed with 100+ping today?

WTF??? No one even lobby??? Did they unlocked the regions??? Europe Servers Full with mexicans and US Players. This is my third Match and guess what Happens loss after loss. Quitters or loosing connections. Incredible sponges!!! @TC_Sera Whats going on?? Is this the Future of gears5?? What Kind of Server maintanance is this???


Funny story I think.

Was playing social the other night with an opposing team member that had a ping over 400ms.

I text chatted: 400ms ping?

He responded: If you are asking if I eat your shots…yes.


200 ping is where it’s at though because your shots take a full second to register sometimes and you get kills so easy it’s sickening

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Dying playerbase. You have to fill lobbies somehow.

Even the event was barely populated over the week.

I played 2 matches yesterday and this was one of them. Lol.

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I don’t think its the lower playerbase. I assume something is wrong with Servers.