Every Gears of War Game, Ranked Worst To Best

Anyone got any thoughts on this monstrosity?

I do sincerely hope that the author of that article does not reproduce.

Gears 5 should unquestionably be the 8th place on that list. 9th if possible, leaving 8th blank to further distance the abomination from the rest.


I doubt I would rank Gears 5 #2 simply based on the awful launch and many terrible decisions the author does not mention. Not really sure about the rest.

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it doesnt deserve the #2 spot but 9 come on. its definitely better than judgment and 4

Worse campaign of the lot for me personally, but the aggressive micro transactions, the rip off that was the season pass allows it to rank higher then 4 for me.

In fairness the amount of free content and continual updates is allowing Gears 5 status to be elevated. Sadly too late to save the player base. For me list would be

1 - Gears 3
2- Gears 2
3 - Gears 1
4 - Gears 5
6 - Gears 4
7 - Gears Judgement

Would even include pop or tactics as they are completely different style of games

Until it has the movement restored,Curb Stomp, Chainsaw on B and Classic Damage Omen it’ll remain on 9 in my opinion.

Judgment was damn awful but I feel like Gears 5 was far more of a betrayal since it’s an official sequel. Judgment was more of a horrendous side project that most of us like to forget. I myself have never played it once.

Gears 1/2/3 are just unmatched in my opinion especially GOW3 which was just my youth right there, still play it now and it’s still got the wow factor.

Never played judgement and gears 4 is still slightly better than 5 but they’re close.


Fully agree with that on the OG trilogy. Each game built on the success of the previous and delivered more content then the game before. Spot on about Gears 3 too, just a special game, much like for me MGS1 on the ps1 and MGS3 on ps2.


Eh, Gears 5 at number 2 eh.

Maybe if they are ranking Horde modes, maybe. Otherwise no.

If people think Gears 5 is better than Gears 3 than we are in trouble.

Campaign took a nose dive after Act 2, the open world elements were empty and devoid of, well, anything. The choice is a terrible element that was added in that left more questions than answers.

PvP is about as exciting as watching Bowls (sorry people who like Bowls, but it isn’t that exciting, lets be real).

PvE is good, but it did take nearly a year after launch for TC to finally get there.

I’d put it fifth on a good day. On a bad day, maybe even seventh.

Judgment got roasted here for no good reason really, Overrun was a good mode, it had the most loadout options of any game in the series, the maps were actually quite good, there just wasn’t enough of them. I liked some of the MP modes as well, particularly Breakthrough.

It’s no where near as good as the OG trilogy, but it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be.

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that list sucked. I agree with gears 2 having the best campaign but having the ORIGINAL GEARS at #5? thats insane, multi wise gears 1 is my fav, id probably put gears 3 at 2nd place. what were they smoking? Why would they include Gears pop and tactics? Tactics story isnt bad, the characters are likable but id rather have them rank the actual gears titles like 1-5 and judgement. and gears 5 at number 2?? I like gears 5 but thats insulting.

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the campaign was fire, I loved it. Judgement got too much campaign hate.


Agree with you there, actually enjoyed the campaign, even the cheeky aftermath parts.

Multiplayer was not for me, over run was fun, but the removal of horde, limited map launch, no DBNO, sticky grenades etc as a whole felt a step back from Gears 3.

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I thought aftermath was nice to have, especially seeing baird get upset over sofia, it was nice to see him not being his normal baird self. and cole being cole and cheering him up. and i cant complain about seeing more carmine and the obvious having my boy paduk back.

Old man at it again

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My Personal Worst to Best

Gears Pop
Gears Tactics
Gears of War Judgment (Enjoyed the Campaign and nothing else)
Gears of War 1
Gears of War 4 (Loved Horde liked PvP)
Gears 5 (Love PvE)
Gears of War 2 (Best Campaign in the Franchise)
Gears of War 3 (Loved PvP and Horde and the Campaign, the Maps… just everything)

Did not play Gears Pop or Tactics because they’re both not interesting to me.

I ranked them the worst because for a Gears Game it takes alot not to interest me. :joy:

How come?

no arguments there, did you like the multi?

I guess my quotes dont make any sense sorry lol, but Im curious with the placements of those two.

Only Reason Gears of War 1 rated “worse” is just because other entrys had more to offer you know more different Modes ect.

Gears of War 2 Campaign is simply the best for me.

I love to think back; Chainsawing cardiac arteries of a Giant Riftworm escaping before drowing in Blood also it introduced Horde my Favorite mode to this Day.

I did not really play much Multiplayer until Gears of War 3, Horde was fun on Gears of War 2.

ahh I see, I played gears 1 but only the campaign, i was super young at the time. but 2 I did invest alot of time into local play, I didnt have live at the time. But that campaign solidified my love for the series and Dom and Ben becoming my favorite characters (still are).
I did put alot of time into 3 as well. Honestly it would be hard for me to make a list because my only real experience scales from 3-5. I played 3 but like way past its prime, like in 2015 or 16. I hated alot on 4 and 5, but I still played the games and I still enjoy them. and UE is my favorite multi, so i definitely think if i had live back in 2006, I think gears 1 would be my favorite multi.

I played the Gears of War 1 Campaign countless Times with my older Brother.
We didn’t even had access to the Internet at the time so we never had the Chance to play PvP. :rofl:

Must be nice, I was stuck on Act I because I was too scared to confront the berserker :sob:
I didnt get live until like 2011, maybe it was 2010.