Every Gears game crashes during launch on PC (4, 5, Tactics),

I can’t figure out why, but since I upgraded my PC almost 2 weeks ago, I haven’t been able to get any of these games past the opening splash/loading screens. I can get other games to launch through xbox (beta) including Gears 1 Ultimate edition. I have had no problems with literally every other game I’ve attempted, I’ve launched games through xbox/windows store, Steam, and Epic with no problem outside of these 3 Gears games.

R5 2600x
msi tomahawk B450
32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x16)
R9 290x Lightning (from old build I had no problem running Gears 4 & 5 on)
Toshiba 1TB ssd
Windows 10 with all updates (had same issue before all the updates were installed)

I have reinstalled windows fresh twice, I have re downloaded and reinstalled the games multiple times (while having the download of Gears 5 constantly fail…), I have gone into app settings and repair/refreshed.

I am getting super frustrated, with nearly 2 weeks of searching the internet for answers and reinstalls, re dowloads, and no progress being made… I just want to freaking play the gears games I bought. I’ve logged out, logged into xbox/windows store/the PC, etc…

Has anybody else had this issue across multiple Gears games?

Your graphics card is too old. Upgrade!