Ever notice that roadie running is a death sentence in this game?

I have been trying to critic my gameplay videos and trying to see a pattern of when I die. I noticed that most of my deaths come while roadie running with the gnasher up to people. Seems like whenever I do this they can shoot from insane distances and Gib you.

However when I walk it seems easier for me to get a Gib.

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It took me a while to adjust to the new shooting delay when coming out of a roadie run. You have to stop roadie running a lot sooner than the old games.

I feel like I’ve finally adjusted to it, and I don’t get killed much by it anymore.

It was hard removing all that training and experience from the old games from my brain though.


Running away has saved me countless times. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Should the delay mean that you get gunned from a crazy distance tho? Sounds like yet another broken issue with the game. I’ve been bringing this up to ppl lately but I think what the player sees vs what the enemy sees isn’t consistent and maybe that’s what the issue is. For instance on your screen it looks as if they are crazy far but yet you got gibbed but not only does the kill cam show them closer (which in itself is unreliable) but from their perspective you were closer as well. Another instance of gears not knowing what to do with character position and placement is when characters collide when rolling or when you are pinned into a corner and visiually ok your screen you roll from being blocked in the corner yet the game sorta lags you back in the corner although you on yiur screen clearly made it out of said situation or in the instance of characters rolling into each other or attempting to mantle kick into one another the game either lags you where you were you were rolling to or lags you behind them and sometimes in the case when
You lag behind the guy shooting you you still die from the shot gun blast as if you were still in front of them again even tho yiur screen visually showed you that you were safe . I think the game servers struggles to keep up with the animations or something of the sort

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I feel the same way.
Everyone keeps saying the killcam is unreliable.
But what on killcam happens , is showing perfectly why i died… (except enemys aim)
Whats happening on the server is totally different than on my screen.
Lately i have been having better ping but the servers feel
Worse then ever. Every match i have to readjust my gameplay to match the speed and lagg and all that because my screen is no where accurate to whats rrslly
Going on.



On your screen, you think you’re here --x
but really, you’re here ------------------x
That little gap between the x’s is the server/client lag (latency) and the lag compensation will allow a player with higher lag times to make up that gap faster (or at the very least, an equal rate), hence, when you get shot from “strangely far distances”, you are in actuality closer than you think you are to the enemy, and he is closer to you than you realize.


How is that a fair multiplayer experience?

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I had this rant playing today with a friend. I’m still trying to get used to it but yeah. The roadie run delay kills me more times than I can count and from great distances.

That’s a fair question - really, MP shooters wouldn’t exist without the lag compensation, or everyone would just be skipping around the map (still possible with high enough ping or packet loss).

What makes it more prevalent in Gears - and it always has been - is that the characters (hitboxes) are so close to each other and moving so fast that some discrepancy is bound to occur, unlike in a game like Call of Duty, where if you shoot at a guy who is running laterally at 300 yards away, the lag comp can determine what his position was when you pulled the trigger and determine whether it was a hit.

That is how it’s supposed to work in Gears as well, but the speed and intimacy of the CQC battles complicate the servers’ calculations. When you add in aim adhesion and bullet magnetism, and on top of that, varying ping levels of the players, you get a mosh pit of factors that lead to inconsistent hit detection.

Really, for all that we b*tch about the game (and believe me, I do a lot) it’s actually a miracle that the game is as consistent as it is.


Bot walking is the new meta.

Correct me if I’m wrong, someone, but I thought that Gears 5’s Gnasher gib range was lower than Gears 4 or Gears 3.

It feels that way to me, and I’ve seen it mentioned multiple times on these forums.

Here’s a really good video about what we’re discussing…

I still can’t adjust.

Is that also why I don’t see the gnasher shot that gibs me until I see it in the killcam?