Ever feel like you just can't win no matter how well you do?

This isn’t a complaint, more of a humor thread. I just played 5 TDMs and in 4 of them I lost as the highest performing player (the other, we won). No matter what kind of clever moves I’d pull, or how far up on lives I got us, we just couldn’t win. It’s one of those “defeat from the jaws of victory things”. Literally every match had an AFK on our side too.

My win/loss is positive so I’m not a sad case or anything. Just laughing off “one of those days”.

When i am playing against a full team of diamonds who camp our spawn yeah

Only every time I play Versus.

Yeah I mean, what are you gonna do

I got tbagged as well lmao. Under performing teammates just make TDM the most annoying mode for me.


In TDM yes but in most other modes as long as I’m at least top 3 (altogether not just on my team) I’m fine

Every. Single. Match.

As every match has a minimum of 4-6 mexicans.
Every damn match. Drives me nuts. Even if by a miracle their ping is lower than 80, they still sponge, and lag. And they are always high ranked, yet have no actual skills, just walk around hard aiming, and using their ■■■■ connections to their advantage

This game is the worst ever for lag crutching pingstars.


I agree with you gears need free for all game mode

We won in this game but look at how close it was. Honestly felt like there wasn’t much more I could do. We were a stack and so were they.

If we lost I think there would have been a bit of ‘verbal encouragement’ directed towards my teammates .

In GOW3 I had this idea that the Game decided it was time for you to die.

You could go crazy (high probability you will die), survive each time and be doing quite well then out the blue , while taking lower risks or simple mundane play, some little thing would happen, like you’d suddenly stick to cover… and it would be respawn time.