Events that give skins and achievements of 20G

please release these events again or some other way to win the achievements, I want to complete all of them and I lack these 2 that give 20 G each of them, I believe it is not only me who did not have the opportunity to get acquiring at the time and would like to have another chance to do it…

If you’re talking about the Midnight Omen and the Flaming skins they already did. I missed out on the first chances at both but they released second chances to get them already either by more events or as rewards in packs. I have the complete Midnight Omen skin set and I have the minimum number (5) of the Flaming weapons to get the cheevo.

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are exactly the Skins I mentioned, will they be able to release again? at least to build and thus achieve the achievements

In the last developer stream it was stated that they will become craftable, eventually. Won’t be until after Gears 5. Probably near the end of support for Gears 4.

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I thought that all the items could already be built, then I thought they would not release it, now a doubt that you who have it can respond, they are that rarity? to prepare fragments

When they made everything craftable, event rewards and money only items were withheld. TC has, however, said that they wouldn’t permanently lock the achievements connected to the Midnight Omens and Flaming skins.