Event poll - link

Since TC won’t do it.

here’s the link to the Event-poll for next week: https://twitter.com/GearsofWar/status/1324048793621331968

At least BttE is in the lead atm.


Really sucks that I have ZERO interest with Gears 5 lately. I am really hoping Ops 5 is good and lights the fire for me to play it more.

Should be able to vote in-game and not Twitter.

That way only people that actually boot the game up can decide.


Or people without Twitter can vote… you know, like me…


Can someone share a link to the vote for which Horde Event will be featured?
Edit: *this can be taken as sarcastic, condescending, or hopeless optimism


There will be none. Versus will be BttE.

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Still amazes me that so many answers you can find on Twitter, but not many on this forum.


This is a very obvious, yet somehow never implemented. I agree 100%.

They seem to have no issue having “eSports LIVE NOW!” when appropriate though.

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Its funny you say that. I love the game and I use achivemeny hunting, tour of duty, new escape hives to get me engaged, but when thats done i am left with just hord or ranked. Quick play or versues co-op AI is a means to work on the above.

So it really gets hard at the end of the OP to stay engaged. I guess if i was better at ranked and play at high level that would keep me going, but sadley I am not.

Fof me its not just play to play. i want to walk away achieving something. like now at end of op4 i am using chartaer level to keep me motivated.

Slow down your connection in your router-settings, use wifi and the Faster matchmaking-setting and wala. That’s all it takes really.

how does that help?

Higher ping makes it harder for your opponents to figure out where you actually are while the lag-compensation gives your Gnasher or any shots really magical ■■■■■■■■-power. Trust me, it’s really noticeable once your ping goes above ~70-80

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I just can’t have a Twitter.

To much political media but I’m glad you’re taking initiative.

When my ping goes high it doesn’t help me none.