🍀Event mode 🍀 just curious to know how you are doing?

strong textWondering how everyone’s experience is with the new event? So far I’ve found people have to no idea what the actual fk they are doing. They struggle when its hammer burst markza and boltok becuase they dont know how to team fire people lmao

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I don’t think I know how to team fire people.
How do you if nobody but you has a mic?

Did it in 2.5 games, EASY and nice skin. I will not play it again though. In fact after 4 atrocious matches of KOTH, I think I might take a couple of weeks off. I genuinely hate 5 a lot of the time and some of the xxx who play it.
Give me 3 and 4 any day of the week.


I find that the spawns can be pretty bad. My team managed to spawn trap the other team several times and we weren’t even trying! They just spawned very close to us and unless we were deep inside it, they’d continue to spawn there.


Honestly my list of stuff I despise the most keeps getting longer and longer as I keep playing

the spawns are horrible what’s the point of using the whole map if we spawn on top of each other


The medals are easy :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate arms race
terrible event
glad I’m done


67 elims

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I don’t know what it is but I am just having a hard time believing this lol.

High pings yet again. Trash connection so often


Yeah the pings are awful for some reason. I have my ethernet directly into my xbox and my ping is still that high

Gears 4 does it to me. No matter time of day or mode I’m always around 150, bloody frustrating.

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Fair enough. I believe it now lol. Yeah first few days of events seem to have alot high pings and extremely over the top pings. I put it down to everyone getting the medals out of the way at the same time lol.

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Finished it, tbf had some nice sweaty games

Always welcome variety

Played 4 games, won 4 games. All 2-0. I do like the mode mode. :+1:

After playing a good few games … WTF IS THIS? Seriously! Torque shots going through players. Sponging off the charts and just straight up bad connections everywhere lol. Its so easy to be spawn trapped in this it fracking rediculos lol.

All in all, putting the connection high pings aside lol, its not great and I usually like arms arace. Got the medals done and thats this mode finished with lol.

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I have the reward set.


The Gears 5 version isn’t bad but in Gears 4 there were heavy weapons in it too that I thought were fun.