Event medals not counting

event medals not counting suh as wins and execution counts, anybody xperiencing this

Executions are not counting. I’ve done the others already so can’t say if the others are bugged.

Only the Event Wins aren’t counting for me even tho I won 2 games today.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Round wins, match wins, and executions not counting. I remember in the previous operation, some medals / totems wouldn’t progress if you were using newer characters. Tried switching to Mac for COG and Hunter for Swarm… still no dice.

I also wonder when are they going to fix the bugged Paduk achievement in Horde…


Executions, headshots and wins don’t track for me neither.

I’m really curious to know why it doesn’t work just like that, because it was fine at the beginning of the Operation.

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The update to fix that (and other issues) was supposed to come out on tuesday but the patch failed certification, we will find out full patch details on thursday and the new eta for the patch is this coming tuesday :slight_smile:

Wins nor Executions are conting for me. Gears of Bugs 5

Seems some medals don’t work based on what event it is for some reason, like this was Gnasher KOTH right? I’ve just been doing some Luck of the draw to finish off my Elimination and headshot medals and looks like the elim one is bugged for this mode as it’s only progressing from headshot kills.

It’s OSOK time and headshots don’t track.

This seriously still isn’t fixed yet?
Eliminations at least aren’t tracking properly for me.
Does anyone have a work-around and/or is The Coalition aware of the issue?

Eliminations in events is tracking as rounds completed for me but idk if I can bring myself to play that many rounds of events. I am at 98 rounds completed and should have finished 250 eliminations a long time ago.


Can we get any sort of acknowledgement or update on if this Versus Events - Event Eliminator Medal tracking bug is known/being worked on?

I’d like to know if I can wait a few weeks and pick up the eliminations easily after the fix or if I should start planning for needing to play roughly 70 more matches.