Event Gnasher medal not counting in Brawl

Figured I could get last few kills needed for Event Gnasher medal in Brawl but it’s not incrementing.

Shouldn’t Brawl event count towards this medal?

Yes. But without fail, every tour some event medals break at some point. Every. Damn. Time.

Get event medals done as quickly as possible in the future or expect them to break at some point. TC sure as hell won’t fix this ever.

Can you take some screenshots of your Tour Medals - Versus Events page before and after a Brawl match (a video clip of starting Brawl and doing Gnasher kills too would help), or a YouTube video (can be unlisted).

I know that sounds like a pain to do, but screenshots/videos really do help to draw attention to an issue.
I would do it myself, but I already have this medal done.

Then log a ticket with the screenshots and video clip or YouTube link at https://support.gearsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

It is probably recommended to try to do these types of Medals at the earliest opportunity in an Operation.

It was a bit of a pain but I just submitted bug at link provided above with 2 screenshots & 2 game clips. One gnasher kill clip shows me getting other Brawl specific medal so hope that helps

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Thank you for your ticket submission, hopefully it will help.

I just want to check something else though, to make sure it’s not a symptom of a wider issue.

Are you able to complete Daily Tour Objectives, progress towards other medals, get XP and CXP, rank up, use Boost?

We have a Master thread here for what appears to be a variety but related progression issues this maybe still a specific separate issue or could be part of this one too:

Yeah should have just waited. It was fixed with today’s update. I unlocked Event Gnasher medal thru new FFA event