Event-exclusive skins: Have you got them all?

After Gears 5’s final essential drop 2 weeks ago, I checked my inventory and found that I had missed 4 of the event skins(because I was too busy during those weeks):
Bloody weapon skins(Classic Horde), Island Glow Teal weapon skins(Versus event), Pink Phantom weapons skins(Versus event) and Thrashball Drone(Versus event).

Thrashball drone is mid.

I however have 3 of the skins you mentioned.

I think i have every event skin besides Riftworm heart. I wasn’t enjoying the game during that time period so I stopped playing for a couple months.

I have all the event skins/content and all the tour reward skins/content. I don’t have all the featured store content because I was under the impression that it would all come to the store eventually, but that was not the case because TC is evidently filled with people who wear flaming trousers.

I’m missing a ton of the esports broadcast stuff because I have neither the time nor inclination for that nonsense these days.


Yes I do

No i do not. I was under the impression they was coming to the essential store. The only event skin i don’t have is the island glow teal weapon skin set because the event was trash and since they was doing essential drops thought this was going to be included.

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The event was OSOK. How dare you.

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Dont like osok because my headshots don’t seem to register and the medal requirements are really difficult for me to get. I don’t like versus so anything i do versus related is hard for me and i struggle with its just not osok every event that i did i hated.


Valid arguments. Osok can’t be everyone’s thing.


I’ve only done a handful of events because they give me aneurisms

I’d like the various island glow skins. Hope they come to the store at some point. I was quite pissed pvp players got them for several consecutive weeks, while pve players got nothing.

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I think I’ve got most of those except the VS events ones. By that point in the game I was pretty much done except for grinding those last few kills for my achievements. What I really wanna know is if you and everyone else have the exclusive Escape skins from OP 0 for being in the top 1% (maybe it was 5%, dunno it was a long time ago) of the Escape hive for that week. I’ve got a bunch of those but not all.

The Toxic weapon set (for Op 3 Escape) was never completed. If I remember correctly there were 3 or 4 weapons not given out at all during Op 3. I think one or two of them have since been given out as a rare prize - one was for an unofficial small-time PVE stream event organised by a player; and another was given out as a reward (unplanned) to some forumers who took part in an unofficial challenge to master all Escape Hives solo using every class (so all 18 classes multiplied by 32 hives). This one started out as a challenge for the sake of a challenge - it was until afterwards that TC Shauny saw it and pulled some strings for this challenge project to be rewarded.

I’m not even sure if the Toxic set is totally complete for anyone at this stage!

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I remember parts of this. I have some of the Toxic weapons skin set, but would have to check which ones. I think those skins are now more exclusive.

I remember the Hammerburst was one of the 3-4 that wasnt given out during Op 3 so that one is super rare. This was one of the rewards for the master solo challenge. I can’t remember the others though.

Such a cool dude. You could tell he actually cared.

Shauny gave us Solo Escape people the entire Toxic set. The Scorcher doesn’t have one because it wasnt out yet.

He also gave us the Lancer for atleast Hivebuster and Arid Gale.

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Yes the mode where morons blind fire sniper rifles at pointblank range until they accidentally get the number of kills to win. Riveting Youtube “cOnTeNt”


My thoughts exactly. I found OSOK to be fun when actually played as snipers. But wallbouncing up close using a sniper rifle in probably the least intended way it was designed, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played my fair share of OSOK and gotten all the associated rewards going back to Gears 4, but it’s not for me. I get why some people find it fun, so more power to them, but I only played long enough to get my rewards from that mode.

I actually prefer shotty/snipes for that exact reason.

Its been like that since Gears 3.

Sounds like someone isnt good at OSOK lol.

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