Even worse then before

I played before the update the shotgun was bearable but it was a bit broken still had fun now after this recent update i cannot run around cover anymore without rolling off, the movement feels terrible i cannot get into cover without somethig stupid happening
Ive had enough of this crap game. The camera feels different and moves faster and my old sensitivity and deadzones do not work for me anymore
I cant even tell if the shotgun is fixed becausr im always getting stuck on cover or jumping of the side of it instead of running around
They have changed the movement and it feel crap

@LiL_ZeDDy YES DUDE! I almost posted last night about rolling instead of sliding. It is a constant struggle. Trying to get into the round patio on reclaimed is ridiculous stupid. The inadvertent rolling is awful now.Walls are super super sticky. The rolling happens now when approaching cover from.any angle… WTH happened?

Even my sens it seems too fast but when i lower it i cant hit anyone cos they are way faster

@LiL_ZeDDy i swear sometimes players can move faster than any sense is possible. I have my sense maxed and I cant turn as fast. Its puzzling.

I cant move properly anymore and cant control my camera this game just gets worse and worse over time i quit

Since the OP3 update you want to default to playing as if the overall movement speed is slower than OP2 (like Operation 1) because in a way it is,

This will greatly help when it comes to moving between walls/Up-Aing off corners and what not.

They changed the movement to a momentum based system so you actually need to gain speed before faster slides and Up A’s are available.

This means fast wall slides/Up-A are unavailable from ‘idle’ positions and are basically exclusive out-of roadie run options. I think this is the number 1 thing (network issues aside) that’s been contributing to all the movement inconsistency people have been experience because the timing for cancels/up-a’s is no longer constant. Most people just aren’t paying attention to it (including me).

This was the first thing I noticed when I went to practice in private day 1 of OP3 but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Probably why movement felt the same and different to me all at once. They weren’t clear about implementing the momentum change for wall slides like they were for the roadie speedboost.

I have no idea how long the speedboost persist for wall slides after it’s attained because I haven’t tested it. 1 or 2 wall cancels? Or maybe it doesn’t go away as long as you’re moving, I don’t know.

Personally, I would’ve preferred they went with something like Gear 3… no roadie speedboost w/ fast wallslides or Operation 1 slide speed with no adhesion in ranked but I digress.

Maybe knowing that will help you. I myself haven’t really gotten use to it yet but I haven’t been playing too much lately.

All this happened before the recent update though
Its the one that came out earlier this week that has ruined movement and cover

I don’t know what they updated recently. I played FFA last night and I was feeling some inconsistencies but I 100% just thought it was me.

By all means, disregard what I said if it doesn’t apply.

I find my old sensitivity doesnt work anymore and there are more delays when trying to pull of cover and shoot and almost always rolling when trying to slide into cover

I leave gears 5 for two days to play raam’s shadow & tactics and I come back and everything on fire is on fire now