Evade Roll camera movement sensativity

Alright, yet another issue that just doesn’t make since to me. When playing multiplayer when you roll to avoid a shot the camera pans slow as hell. I have my sensitivity on 30-24-30-10-5-1. During the roll animation it slows down to about 5 for the look sensitivity. So if you just manage to dodge you have to wait until you come out of the animation to find their position. Smh. Why? The roll has been in Gears since the beginning. Man I’m just straight up sad. So many issues just piling up on me. It’s not fun at all. This is not a big issue it’s just one of the many fundamental things in Gears that’s been looked over. Gameplay and enjoyability beats graphics any day. Also who was playing and testing this game? You have a great group of pros who could have been brought in and consulted about such things.