European Servers for Ranked TDM

Four days of constantly being placed in various US region servers match after match. I get you’re having server issues but this is getting a bit ridiculous - the game is matching me in a US lobby so quickly after starting searching I doubt it’s even trying to place me in a European server.

I’d love to get a real feeling for how the game plays, but at such high pings I can’t judge yet and it’s just not fun with these pings that I’ve been ending up back on Gears 4 every night. With the game on gamepass I can’t believe there’s not enough Euro players out there by now, so are the Euro servers even live right now?


I suggest you reply to this topic because of the volume of the post, and hope some tc member can check it out.


Ahh there is another thread about this. I did a quick search before posting but I couldn’t find anything but I am new to the forums so maybe missed it. Thanks for pointing it out.