Europe left out in the cold

Kinda think Europe’s being left out of the loop re;the animal skin’s.The young ones aint gonna be able to stay up til 1am to claim em like i had to last night,saw some great action,but still had to wait from10pm til 1am before i could claim the overkill skin…


Doubt anything will be changed, because you got to remember most Gears Esports Streams are US based, so it will always be based on their timezone.


It’s nearly always been like this but yeah, I do agree it needs to be more European-friendly.
It couldn’t hurt to start stream in afternoon, evening which might be evening to night for Europeans.

It’s never been “fair” to Europe time zones, but life isn’t fair. We adapt, as we always have done.

You can always move to the states here if GOW is that important to you?

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Lol problem solved


Alright! Fine! I’m willing to let you rent out a paddle boat.

You’re welcome.


How are kid’s in europe meant to adapt,when the skin get’s awarded at 1am? Still if TC doesn’t mind keeping an entire continent out of the mix that’s their loss,certainly long term…


It’s very simple to adapt…

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Serious and add a server too

Australia is dead. Can’t find a game in core or competitive.
Even wuickplay is often dead I’m stuck searching up to 57mins.

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I found a hacker look at his gta achievements and seriously 3 early lol
Gamertag is Kingz Esports.

Gamertag Kingz Esports has hacked gamerscore for seriously 3.0 early at 100g of 2000g lol

It was a problem I was quite annoyed about at launch, but now it doesn’t bother me as much, the skins aren’t worth getting for the most part at this point, I mean, next year they become redundant with Gears 5.

The worst ones were the events in San Diego, which as a UK person, means pretty much that everything happens in the early hours of the morning, I actually had a time where I woke up that early (for work) that they were still playing.

I actually enjoyed the LAN event at London because I could, for once, actually sit through a stream and not worry about messing up my sleep schedule for the next couple of days lol.

In gears 5 they could compensate european player’s by bringing out a european only pack,this would make up for us missing out on all those exclusive skins and give us an exclusive set of our own.

It’s live now I watched it do I get the skins and how do I claim them

you have2log in,dont 4get that and then click on the prize box on the right and it gives you instructions as the rounds go by.