Europe gow 5 population

Back in the xbox 360 days, player base in europe was good. I could still full ping bars for gears 1, and lag free games in gears 2 and 3 in 2012-2013. but ever since the total ps4 domination in the old continent, a huge chunk of gamers switched sides. 1 month after gow 4 release and it was a dead game or geting matched with people in east coast usa despite chosing europe data centers. game modes like execution were totally dead or took 15 min to find a match in peak hours.

Hopefully with game pass and thw recoverig sales of xbox one/s/x in the old continent the player base/gamers retention will be better

Still could find Horde matches yesterday just fine on EU servers. It’s more of how the population has spread over the modes - KOTH and TDM seem to be most popular around here for Versus. Other modes, not so much. Don’t really see how Game Pass and more console sales would really influence that a whole lot, but it might.

But it is true that generally EU population in Gears currently is generally smaller than the US population. But well, we’re still better off than people in say, Australia.

You will be good for at least 6-12 months on PC and pretty much peak times or slightly earlier on Xbox for the whole lifespan I reckon.

Of Gears 5 is ported to next gen, which I think it will be, could get new and old players interested if they up the quality or framerate.

Well back then there where no smartphones and people streaming using the wifi. So everyone played with lan cable hooked into there 360s. It was basically only gamers using the highspeed internetz