Euro Championship REAL football

A few days ago England failed to beat not a country (according to TC) in a thrilling match that ended in a 0/0 draw.

Yay for Scotland.



Anyway, indeed. Not as good as they thought, it seems.

Scotland definitely had more chances, it’s miraculous it wasn’t Scotland 1 - 0 England.

But I digress, nobody won so nobody lost. Everyone enjoys a drink afterwards :ok_hand:

Defo not “coming home”

Wayne Rooney wasn’t playing, neither was Lampard or Gerard smh

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Well England look ■■■■■, more southgates dour tactics than the players thought to me. Lucky to draw against Scotland in the end.

See what we are about tonight.

Still clearly coming home :sunglasses:

I will have confidence in my country, but I know the first time we come up against a good team we will lose. It happened at the last World Cup.

And Southgate’s tactics, ugh, so safe and boring. I’d rather go out in a blaze of glory trying to win rather than lose 1-0 in a dull and terrible match.

It’s coming home to Belgium hopefully.

Edit: Before England drew with Scotland my friend gave me such a long ‘It’s coming home’ talk, I’ve yet to speak to him since Billy Gilmour deflated a nations hopes.

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I hope the coach gets fired for England not playing my boi Sancho

Two CDMs again in a match that doesn’t really matter. I want him sacked mid tournament. This team should go all the way to the final, This manager is just a ****.

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Deserved to start for sure

Saka is an odd one

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I agree. At least Jack is in the lineup today, sad I can’t watch the match live.

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Much improved first half that, actually fluid going forward.

Saka is playing fantastic so I take the odd one comment back :rofl:

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