Eunited character pack (Missed)

What happens with this pack? It didn’t take long since the Microsoft store removed them to buy with real money.
Now how will I get these characters if I don´t have a code
Do you know why they were removed from the store?

probably because eunited aren’t in the gears scene.

Just curious as to why you want them when they aren’t a Gears esports team anymore. Are you just collecting all skins?

BTW, if you were following them in the past the members have formed “Reciprocity” now (I believe that’s the name).

Yep, 4 of them are in Reciprocity and Rezik joined Ghost Gaming.

Something similar happened with Optic Season 1 skins, as soon as they were gone people were claiming for a chance to get them, still don’t get it.

3 of them are on reciprocity. Shock is on world best gaming & rezik on ghost gaming

I don’t see the problem of wanting skins. I don’t get the whole “If you didn’t get it in that specfic timeframe welp you just can’t get it” mentality.

It’s not like optic & echo fox are not in the scene anymore. They can bring back their old lancer skins

They were available for over a year but the minute they are down people rush to get them, I just have trouble understanding that. It’s not a “you can’t have them mentality” I just find it curious if you had a year to get them you complain the minute they’re gone?

As for season 1 skins, they just followed the same pattern for all pack content, they’re all time limited and if by now that still surprises you… guess you haven’t been playing on a regular basis.

I also would like all content to be available permanently to be purchased or acquired with credits at all times but honestly I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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Im pretty sure the past skins are tied to specific seasons, thats why. They want to leave the skins as season exclusive.

As for the skins thats been removed, TC would have to pay a % of $$ to teams that left the scene and they dont want to do that if the org is no longer supporting the scene.