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EU versus players wanted - all EU players welcome, regardless of your rank

I was Masters on two accounts prior to the rank reset. I didn’t care to hit masters yet again in season 1, as I already did it twice this season. Looking forward to doing so again in season 2 though.

I play KOTH, TDM and Guardian. I’ll also be playing 2v2 when it launches in season 2. I’m online from 11pm>3am GMT + 0 most nights.

I’m not a rank elitist… Meaning, I don’t care what rank you are. All players are welcome.

I’ve had enough of playing on US servers, as the games issues are just exacerbated when you’re playing out of your region at 80>110ms ping.

It would be preferable if you use a microphone, so we can coordinate in-game. But if you don’t want to talk, it’s not a problem.

So I’m looking for fellow EU players to team up with, to grind out versus next season. I’ll still play this season too, so we can get acquainted and used to each others playstyles.

Looking forward to playing with you! My GT is the same as here: o GH0UL o (that’s a zero after the H).


Classic @o_GH0UL_o post :smile:

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Classic Ghoul flag.

@o_GH0UL_o fam, you know no one responds to forum LFG posts lol

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Add my gamer tag-I will probably be back on gears next week

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Yay, a serious reply :grin: I’ll add you.

Oh, ok lol

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Classic @TC_Clown post.

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@TC_Clown I know @o_GH0UL_o didnt flagged me LOL . I think it has to be someone from the angry folks that doesn’t like my way of playing :smile: LOL

however yes I do agree this post its a classic Ghoul’s post :smile: