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EU Servers for Gears of War 4 Down, Please restart them,

I am only able to connect to US servers and EU servers seems to be down, whole week my match is on US server, After creating lobby message is shown, I go directly into the match, No screen to vote for the map to play, servers to me are so laggy and opponents are just sponging the shots, ping is higher than 100ms.

Please bring the EU servers back.


Same here. Always connecting on US Servers. Its sad and dissapointin that TC is not carryin about that. Seems like they force European Players to Play gears5.

The servers and game play is even not great on Gears 5, players quitting half way through in ranked matches, ruins game for the team. I didn’t like the weapons and frags, flash grenades are strains on ones eyes, why risk your eyes for just a game.

Yeah servers are super wonky at the moment… Literally get put into a game by myself whenever I search :laughing:

The servers are so dissapointing.
Every game feels so bad. Its 2019 cmon mam

Yes but with high ping on us servers lol