EU servers are broken again

They fixed this issue a week after launch and literally under a month later, it’s not a problem again.
Literally not even touching the game again until they fix the servers. So stupid, my favourite game ruined by useless game developer who can’t even keep servers working properly.


20 guys posted the same before, be one of them

European servers are not dead, in unranked we all have a good ping, it’s only during ranked.

There is NO sens

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Must be a matchmaking problem, putting EU players om US servers only in ranked.
All my ranked matches has 85-120ms ping while in quickplay and horde I have 15-30ms.
I live in Sweden and all my friends have the same problem.
We have stopped playing ranked for now.

Yeah it’s a joke. Want to play pvp this week but live in Europe. Too bad. Either play Mexicans and Americans on ranked with lag or go play quick play and enjoy bot bashing. Thanks coalition maybe next week when you finish updating the store you might fix that small issue with ranked pvp.