EU Server flooded with high pingers

Hey guys, does anyone has the Same experience? All my Matches in the last days were full with people from USA or México!!! There is maybe one or two(if i m lucky) with equal pings (20-25). I set my preferences on low ping for matchmaking, but that seems to have no effect. The Main Problem is that the matches are a pain now. People eating bullets and the Game is lagging. No matter what time i play, the match ist full with high pingers. Are the US Servers down or aren t there enough?
I can t believe that the playerbase is so low that there is only one Server.

Just say you’re an awful player and move on.

why are you being mean for no reason?

I can’t stand people who think that other people with high ping have an advantage.


Thx that helped a lot!!! I heard about smart people, but that smart?! Wow!!

Hey if you want an event smarter tip try a free trial of ExitLag here:

Set yourself to brazil south, get 300 ping and have the time of your life.

The low ping matchmaking is for you, other players might have it on ‘fastest’ so they could still lag. It happens a lot but it doesn’t really make a difference. You might get shot when you have ran past someone but for the most part its heavily favoured to the person with better ping.

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Unfortunately i m on console. But thx for the tip!!:+1::+1:

You beat me to it👏

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That happens a lot, to get shot while ran past enemys. And sometimes i trink, people were actually not there where they were shown on the screen. But maybe i m complete wrong?! Well that will not keeping me off playing gears. I try to get used and somehow adapt it!:grinning::+1:

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It just feels like there is more to it than this. Admittedly there are times when people have a high ping and are just suffering but what about those lobbies I join where everyone suddenly has 100+ ping including myself? How does that happen and is it affecting my gameplay?

Yeah, someone once wished death upon all 100+ ping players.
Maybe he still does now. :sweat_smile:

You have to say the super secret magic words before you can be believed.

Here they are: server packet loss

Only then will some people believe wonky things can happen. Things worthy of numerous threads and a month of tears.

No way a high, fluctuating ping causes anything near server packet loss issues.

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You can literally prove packet loss, and you can see it and most crucially of all — when someone is experiencing packet loss, said packet loss is doing things to the player affected by the packet loss, it isn’t magically boosting the other team, giving them powers, making their shots stronger or making them eat more shots. It’s harming the player with packet loss, and everything that happens is verifiable and provable.

Keep believing in fairytales — cope harder.

+1 :+1:

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I was talking to the OP.

Like I said…use the magic words.

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Ok, got it!! I have more questions , what about players with higher Ping from the same Region? Do they have any advantages? And what about the lag compensation for example when the Lobby is filled with 4-5 high Ping Players(80-100)?
What kind of effects would that have on a player with a Ping of 20-25?
And i heard about players, manipulating their own connection , just to have a higher Ping. Why are they doing it when there is no advantage?

Your whole personality has become tied to a wilful ignorance of packet loss.

i lose my packet every week but my good lady is happy (ier).

Such is life.

Thing is we only know these people have high ping because people asked tc for the piing to be shown. If i see a 150+ping player i just laugh and then feel sorry for them.