EU public horde

Is anyone else in the EU having issues finding a full lobby on public horde?
Yesterday I tried playing public horde on Advanced, Elite and Insane but only ever found a lobby with 1-2 people in it. 9/10 games I played as well were games that would start with just 4 players and a bot, most of the time someone would quit by wave 5 and we’d have wiped by wave 15-20.
Even after backing out of said lobby with 1 or 2 people in it, I’ll search for another game and come across the same 2 people 2 or 3 times or get put into a lobby with a different person.
I just can’t seem to find a full lobby.

Sometimes the matchmaking doesn’t seem to work properly. It doesn’t help they have 7 different difficulties splitting mode up 7 different ways and then on top of it no duplicate roles so people are constantly backing out of the lobbies. I suggest using the server brower in custom game. I don’t even use the matchmaking anymore. It’s pretty much useless.


I honestly don’t know why public horde is even an option in this game. It launches before the lobby is full and if someone quits then there’s no chance of a real person filling the gap. Easier to launch a custom lobby and leave it open

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I reached a point where i only play escape or horde in custom, there is a higher chance of getting a decent full team that stays and like you mentioned if someone leaves another player can just join to replace them.

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See I’ll happily host a custom game amongst friends but normally joining a custom game either means you’ll have to run a high lvl character or they just need a Del or jack.

Edit: just searched for a game, found 1 in about 30 seconds, and it had 1 players and no one joined by the time the counter reached 30, backed out and loaded back in. 7 mins wait time then another lobby with 1 person… Probably be easier finding a game on ranked Gears 1 than a lobby in Horde.