Estimated wait time?

I’m trying to get in a game for FFA. Estimated wait time is less than 10 mins ever since they introduced that. It would have been better if it said anytime from now until hell freezes over as it’s a useless addition to Gears. It’s like saying there will be a bus anytime between now and the end of time.
Happens on other game modes a lot too.

Coalition, fix the franchise or leave the franchise. Rod has jumped ship as it’s starting to sink. Prove that ■■■■■■■ wrong and make Gears great again. (Not a Trump thing as he is more screwed up than Gears!)

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So did you wait longer than 10 minutes?

Still waiting. :sob:

Hell freezing over is just the Icebound map

They broke that too. As soon as u get used to a map, they change their minds. Is the coalition run by angry gears widows?

That sucks dude, I’m sorry :frowning:

It’s not working

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Generally speaking I stop matchmaking and restart when it gets to 5 minutes so I never even knew it could go up that high…

I think people do this to exaggerate the extremely long wait times. Instead of restarting matchmaking. Or they just didn’t know.

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This is reality for the whole game in my country and only in gears too

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They aren’t exaggerating, this is what wait times are like for Australians. The idea that people are artificially making it worse for themselves simply by hitting the start matchmaking button is ridiculous.

Imagine if people said thay they had searched for over an hour for a match and put in twelve screenshots of them searching for five minutes at a time, do you think people wpuld believe them, or instead accuse them of taking repeated screenshots and falsifying this data?

No no, by not restarting matchmaking. There are instances where someone could wait for 5 minutes and still no match found, but when they cancel matchmaking and restart it, then a match is found within seconds

I am aware that it’s probably worse or takes much longer for Australians. We don’t know which region the @Clutch_HanZ person was searching from. But if it was US or EU, they could restart matchmaking and it could be found within seconds or minutes.

I would be more inclined to believe it if people searched in 5 or 10 minutes intervals and restarting matchmaking, rather than waiting 30 minutes or hours.


Sure, but how would they prove it?

They wouldn’t need to? I’m not sure why someone would want to exploit screenshots that wasn’t taken over time, but just copies within seconds or minutes apart.

I’ve encountered this. Stop matchmaking and restart. Instant match.

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Not for my region :cry:


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I am in EU and the search was made at midday on Saturday(yesterday). I am aware that I would probably have found a match faster if I restarted the matchmaking. However I did want to see how high it could go but gave up after this screenshot.

I dont understand why it would be better to restart matchmaking. Shouldnt there be a queue system in place?

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At least I can play co-op versus AI