Estimated wait time for server on tech test

Mine went from 6 min to 2 hrs and 9 min. Wtf! Now it’s 1 hr.

Same. I’ve only got one day to play. Lol

They just put something up on the main page if you go idle it boots you from the queue. Fml

So you cant alt tab? This is just stupid as ■■■■,

Waited for 6 minutes played boot camp went idle for 3 minutes to go do something and it sent me back to wait for 1 hour and 48 minutes. It still hasn’t moved btw.


For me it was 2h 13min and it never went down, i just quit the game, no way im waiting 2+ hours to play.

I got to play but it kicked me out once the match had started. You can’t even see your rewards

My wait time been stuck at 1h 2min for 30 mins

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Same stuck at 1 hour 48 minutes here

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Been stuck on 49 min for at least 40 minutes…

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At least yours moved :joy:

Never even played never went idle. Wait time started at over 2 hours. This could have easily been tested prior to the tech test launch with the amount of people working on this project and for microsoft.


Been at 12 min for over an hour now.

So its stuck on 1 H 40M

In the last 60 minutes has anyone’s wait time decreased?

This is BS!!! 3hrs and 2 minutes! Im going to go play gears 4 f this crap! It should of been high ranks from gears 4 inv to tech test 1st day then everyone else can play! Not everyone at once! BS!!!

1h58 wait time, hasn’t moved in 30 minutes.

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time in queue is 3H 16M for me… seriously err no thanks

I was hoping that they would pull it all together, I have a 3 hour wait time after being in 4 times and getting kicked or crashing each time. They are obviously not ready for this yet.

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3h 40 for me. As if! More servers please!