Estimated time: 10 minutes on every vs game mode

I want to ask if this is the new standard. Since update I just get that time on every search that I do. I don’t know about horde or escape because I play only on custom. (EU servers)

FFA Golden Gun took 7 to 9 minutes to find a match
The new event took 3 minutes

Even with a full team VS AI the game shows 10 minutes.


It would show me an estimated 10 minute wait for Escape matches on The Line when looking for matches on Elite/Insane/Inconceivable, but so far it has never gone that far or even found me matches pretty much instantly. So not sure on how accurate it actually really is.

It will never be accurate.


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It erm, was accurate for me yesterday.

Under 10 mins and I was searching for 7 :blush:


(NA) Lately, my average wait time has been 3-5 minutes on any mode. 8 minutes if my friends are in lobby.

this is an insane wait time for a AAA game that launched 4 months ago.

no wonder TC is embarrassed by their pop numbers.

I have under 1 min in KOTH and TDM.

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NEVER, I SA…oh, I see. Lucky you :joy:


Think they said in the notes that all of the Social modes will show 10 minutes for the time being.

I get under 1 minute for ranked KOTH (EU server).

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Quality over quantity. Would you rather the game give you a lopsided match quickly or wait a few minutes to have well-matched teams?

What is this ?

I was waiting to see what kind of a joke this feature would be and it was just as ■■■■ as I thought it would be. “Estimated time: Less than 1 minute” Meanwhile I’ve been searching for 10 minutes and re queuing for over an hour to play ranked koth. Yup nice

More like 100 minutes. Seriously.


Your GT sound me. We were playing yesterday? On the new event? Horde? Or this week?

Well, I had “luck” yesterday. I searched Guardian, game show me “Less than a minute” but I found 3 matches (was the same but lobby dissolved when we were a full team) and I had to wait more than 3 minutes. So for me it’s uncommon to find “less than a minute” but it’s false xD

TC said that numbers can be deceiving if you are in a less populated place or if your time is a dead hour for gamers, but I know many players from EU now (I am living for more than a year here, all my life I lived in Chile and I found matches on Brazilian and USA servers), so I don’t find this as “less populated”, but I found a lot of mexicans and USA players… Maybe it’s because my past IP or the game took that EU is less populated and find me matches on America? Who knows… :thinking:

I played Horde and FFA Golden Gun the last week-end. Haven’t played since.

There’s a bug we have logged on this that we’re taking a look at (might be fixed server-side).

As mentioned in the What’s Up when we announced this, we expected Social and PVE playlists to be less accurate in estimation until our next wave of releases on this - but these are way off (usually you’ll be in a game much quicker than the estimated time). We’re looking into it.


It’s good to get an answer from TC, thanks.

I can find matches under the 10 minute estimated time, and now I’m finding “less than a minute” matches on Guardian but take between 30 seconds to almost 3 minutes. Maybe this info helps too.

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I think I hate you all!!! 10 -30 minutes to get a match -IF I am lucky. Wasn’t quite so bad but it seems no one in Australia plays vs since operation 2 started.

I haven’t been in ranked in a while, DO we now have “well-matched” teams created by matchmaking? We never did before, no matter how quickly or slowly a match was created… ?