Esports time points for mobile devices

Hi, has anyone else had an issue with getting point when watching the streams? I see no points nor can I redeem anything or even see a quest bar. Idk if this is an issue that’s gonna get fixed but it’s rather annoying. I’ve tried, internet explorer, Firefox and safari and I get no results. Please help

  1. There is nothing to redeem, you get points simply by watching and skins are automatically added to your account later.

  2. You can’t see your points on mobile unless you switch to desktop version.

  3. Might be obvious but still I ask, you logged in into the site with your xbox account right?

  1. I haven’t had anything to added to my account at all

Is there a way to have desktop version on phone?
I’ve tried using internet explorer on Xbox but it won’t display the stream like it used to

Yes :slight_smile: I’m logged in as I’m watching it (my Xbox live account)

Internet explorer on Xbox has not been working for many months now, don’t know if they’re even aware there is a problem with it.

As for switching to desktop mode on mobile, I don’t know how it’s done since I only watch on my PC but I saw the “I can’t see my points on mobile” being asked many times on the chat and the answer always was to switch to desktop mode.

As for the skins and points needed: (the claim section is not working for the moment by the way).

Idk if you know, but you think the points still accumulate on mobile? And when I get on pc I’ll be able to see all that I’ve gotten?

Points are tied to your account so they will be the same no matter whether you log in from PC or your phone.

Points still accumulate on mobile, yes.

As for this, what browser are you using?

I’m using safari mostly. What’s standard to iPhone

According to @eviljas247 they’re playing the “not our fault. blame Microsoft”-card when it’s brought up.


This will give you instructions on how to switch to desktop site. Your points will be visible in the top right by your username.

Thank you! Do you happen to have a screen shot of how the points under your GT is suppose to look like? This way I k ow what I’m suppose to look out for, thank you !

Someone prove me wrong but my theory is that 1000 is max points you’ll get on any given day, regardless of how long you watched. I had stream running literally from 2 pm to 9 pm or whatever time it was when it finished. I had earned 1000 well before final match even began. Let it run through final match to see if it might budge another 200, but nope. Didn’t matter. Didn’t even need to stream the final match because I had already maxed out at 1000. If the theory is true the max total points anyone can have right now is 6000.

Dont think this issue is the same as what ive reported, i reported my problem back in september and i haven’t watched a stream since. Ive tagged @TC_Kilo1062 in a post recently when someone else was asking about streams but yet again my questions go un answered.

Ive went back to playing fallout76 and will be getting the new outsiders game soon, i only play gears now for the stars for this tour and some dailys if the reward cards are good enough. I have all achievements, all classes are lvl 20 and nearly 600k coins, boost runs out soon.

Ill play versus now and again but as i can only play tdm with 3 friends in social which gets boring very very quick due to ppl quitting or playing against potatoes. I probs wont play much after i finish the tour.

Makes me sad that i cant enjoy playing the best game franchise due to TCs poor decision making.

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I posted one in another thread a while ago. Here it is:

I think you’re right. I’ve maxed out at 5900 even though the last few streams ran longer than normal. No idea where my last 100 points are gone though. Lol