Esports Supporter Pack 15?

As Supporter Pack 14 was vaulted after this weekend(quite quickly I may add) where are the supporter 15s? Are we not getting them anymore? They never usually announce that a pack isn’t returning again so I am curious to see when it’s coming

There’s only one more major LAN, so I could see this or the next pack being the last ones. Who knows, maybe we’ll get one tonight on the Fight Night. Seems a little early to me, but I don’t keep track of time well, so maybe it’s right on schedule.

The last pack was just 2 weeks ago. There was never any chance of another one so soon.

What I mean is they got rid of the esports 14s and now there’s no esports packs to buy during fight night, which hasn’t been the case since gow 4 came out

I’m fairly sure there’s been at least one or two Fight Nights where there wasn’t an eSports pack on sale (or I could be getting it muddled with the Developer’s Stream).

If they do have one more pack to be released it will probably be in late March. The next tournement isn’t until the end of April. Equally they could just bring back Supporter 14 from the vault nearer the time to and use it to promote Boston. Every Supporter pack has been used to promote a tournement except 11.