Esports supporter pack 10

Do you think they’re going to come out with a supporter pack 10 before the New Orleans event or not?

Yes, they’ll come out with one for the event. Might release it just before. The money is too good not to.

Not gonna happen. They want to sell this esports 9 with the new orlean skins. Whats the point of having new orlean skins if not going to sell them at new orleans event? It doesnt make any sense. Plus since the beginning a new esports pack comes out after a major tournament event anyways.

esports 9 is the new orleans supporter pack esports 10 is going to be 1 month after the new orleans tourney since that seems to be the release time for the others so i say august 15th or 8th

Oh yea I forgot about the New Orleans skins that came out already. Doesn’t make sense to start the supporter 10 til after the event

i also think ben and gary will finally get the bs treatment in 10 along with 1 swarm character probably normal kantus since he doesnt have one yet

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Can’t get esports supporter pack 10 for some reason it’s down and won’t let me buy?