Esports supporter pack 10 opinions

Honestly in my opinion all the black steel skins have been really lacking quality ever since they made them guarantee 1 BS character in every pack


I spent $40 and didn’t get armored kantus. It’s bull man you guy really screwed me over. I will never spend money on this game again!

What is the deal with releasing a pack for one day then removing it? So now you’re put on the clock to spend your cash if you choose to? I’m sure I’m just screaming into the void here but please bring back the format from Gears 3 where you can pay for exactly what you want not a chance at it. The characters look good but I agree that all esports skins should be animated.

the previous marcus do not call my attention this version is more dark I like it although there are many if I wanted the kantus or mihn but I liked what ne came out

Im sorry but I laugh at this. I don’t mean to seem like an a** but people will never learn from others. I feel at this point any one who buys these packs shouldn’t complain you know by now what your CHANCES are. You want things to change show TC with your wallet and don’t buy them

Agree. I have about 6 characters from the earlier series. BS Anya looks different from her standard version and has a few changes.

The BS, does stand for Black Steel ?
I’m not so sure with these packs, smells all a bit Bovine to me…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha yeah BS does indeed stand for Black steel just a shortened version but agree like look at BS superstar cole for example they pretty much turned his clothes black and called it a day

Ok guy they were the only ones I got the whole time i have been playing. It’s not like I buy everyone that comes out!! I don’t surf the forums like you lol so I didn’t know the odds are that bad now I do. Thanks for being a D**K anyways.:rofl: