Esports supporter pack 10 opinions

That’s something I feel happens a lot now, the Black Steel variants are are barely different than the regulars. Baird might be my fave but I admit the regular is nearly the same. BS treatment of locust sniper and beast rider was also unnecessary. Nearly the same. Look at the way some of the earlier characters got enhanced like Anya, Savage Kantus, etc. You used to KNOW when someone was using a black steel character, even from far away. Now, you kinda have to look for it.

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Its so annoying that they made the AK legendary. Hes the only one I would want as I already have a bs Marcus and I don’t play as kim.

Just posted on another thread re the weapon skins. I s that really the best a human/computer generated program could come up with.

They are probably the ugliest esports ones I have seen yet. I actually think TC are taking the … with those.

At the very least ALL esports skins should be animated, you are paying a lot of money for them after all.

TC have admitted nearly all their resources are going into 5. I think that is very evident with a downgrade to a lot of the actual characters and even 2 Marcus’s REALLY!!!

I’m actually a little upset at you guys sanctioning this by continuing to spend mega bucks, your money your choice of course but you are kind of giving them licence to not even try

Also I’m afraid it is pure greed and very morally questionable to have any card in the pack unrelated to esports. That simply has to change in Gears 5


3 packs - all 3 characters, very happy and lucky :slight_smile:

All I really want is a black steal flame grenader, and Benjamin carmine.

The gun skins are cringey. Minh is awesome. That’s about it.

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Opened 2x packs got dupe Marcus

Marcus was the only char I wanted so I’m fine but what really ticked me off is the second pack had a helmet less v day gear right next to him.

Like why do all the packs NEED to be stuffed with base game content, not just the paid ones.

As for the weapon skins, hard pass on this one but I’m just gonna hold onto them cause I don’t need scrap.

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I did 5 packs this time were I normally do 10. Honestly , great to finally get Minh in BS. I could have done without another Marcus, but figured they wanted to finish the classics. Those were the two I pulled. Not a fan of the BS Armored Kantus, don’t like the big bulky characters, so not chasing him down. Probably the worst weapon skins this time around. Funny as I really liked the primordial animated skins in 9. Felt lazy. Think the Cash Esports emblem is very ironic, so I have that on.

i think minh and AK looks awesome and im so glad i managed to get the AK in my first pack!
butttttt the weapon skins look garbage i knew that from the second i saw them and seeing this thread just backs up my opinion i really wish they thought of a better skin hell i would have settled for the og black steel skin.

Still no BS Ben Carmine :frowning:

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I fully agree. The lights are what makes them so cool.

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I agree, more lights the better.

Overall okay pack only gripe with it is BS marcus does not have any LEDs on his ankles and BS armored kantus does not have that many new LEDs, weapon skin is okay goes good with Griffin

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I agree, I feel as if the last few packs were really lacking with the Blue & Red Lights.

Baird could have been so much better - especially for a Legendary.

I’ll referencr Tai and Dizzy again as well as JD and Del for having good designs that stand out.

I am in the middle. I like some of the characters with a bunch of lights such as the Carmine’s or UIR but I kind of like the real dark look some of the new ones have.

The problem is they look fantastic and detailed in the menus & lobbies and when you get in game they just look a bit naff.

Like a Matte Black Skin without the lighting …

On 4K they look great!

I don’t think they should all have minimal lights but I do like the classic delta ones like this.

Again, in menus and lobbies yes, in game they are massively scaled down :-1:

in my opinion there are other characters who would look better in black steel, having marcus for 3 times is very repetitive, for example I think it would look much better trashball cole or griffin.